Sex: Sufi Svami Sant Sikhi

Sex. If sex were only a mistress, women would remain celibate and function only as child bearing incubators. However, sex is not a beguiling mistress. Sex is a life force with a viable right to exist, albeit within the boundaries of chemical reactions laced with emotions of belonging and ownership.

Yet, when we envelop and dovetail sex with ‘love’ we create a paradox; more so, even, when the love-construct of sex is considered in relation to the Leading Lights of a faith – with the ordinarywallahs, themselves utterly lost as how best to deal with the raging chemical-reaction battle of the sex/love conundrum, coming to sit in summary judgement over those Leading Lights.

Why is it that humans initially idolise and segment Leading Lights from the normally accepted parameters of society, positioning them as beyond such parameters, only to then demonise them for not adhering to the parameters? Why have we put sex and lovemaking out of reach of the very ethos of faith, as being somehow against the teaching at ‘God’s Education Institution’.

If lovemaking and sex did not exist then none of the great Messengers, Prophets and Gurus could not have taken human birth. I have yet to hear from them in person, and I am still waiting to find out if their birth was indeed super-normal and different from the general public. But in the meantime, I have to deal with this matter in a sensible pragmatic way.

Out of all of the Messengers, Prophets and Gurus, only Guru Nanakdevji, originator of the Sikh faith, states in his writing that lovemaking and sex is an acceptable activity to be enjoyed between a couple. He further clarifies that a couple means a life-long (wedded) pair. Nevertheless, ordinary Sikhs and faith-stage-performing Sikhs carry with them a judgmental condemnation of sex and lovemaking, denouncing sexual desire by anyone who is engaged in ‘faith-work’.

If Sikhs can get it so utterly wrong then what hope is there for other faiths in getting it right, faiths whose scriptures aren’t written by their originator but by ordinarywallahs doing their best to capture in writing what they think their originator meant seven hundred years previously.

The most remarkable thing about sex as contained in all the scriptures, besides the Sikh’s Guru Granth Sahibji, is that it is rendered and judged in pretty much the same way as it is in books/writings by educated secular writers with a distaste for sex. You will find very little difference between the leading world scriptures and those secular writers’ distain for sex.

Even the do and don’t of all the other scriptures seem to be human consumer interrelationship laws as seen in practice in the political secular society of law courts.

Thus, faith is denuded of its intricacies, complexities and gracefulness and is borne along by society and its rules. When the two worlds – faith and society – are forced to collide in this way, society’s rules get the upper hand. Thence, confusion as to what a Chen (Zen), Sufi, Svami or Sant can or cannot do in the eyes of the public who seek their advice on demystifying mysticism.

Now, indulge me as I set some formal ground rules about the hierarchy of sex, sexuality and sensuality as observed from those of my background. My opinion is that if the hierarchy is not followed then the whole edifice falls down, collapsing into misunderstanding about sex, sexuality and sensuality.

For all my faults, and I have far more than others, I nevertheless was allowed entry into the higher echelons of advanced awareness. Entry into that environment is encased within a particular responsibility, and only the ‘fieldworker’ elected and entrusted with the duty is allowed formal residency – albeit for a period of sequential events which the fieldworkers oversees like a  project manager. It is from that pedestal and as a part of my fieldwork that I share some of what I am privy to, in the hope that it clarifies certain ambiguities about sex for instance.

As destiny and samskar had detailed – and here is a prime example of the confusion of terminology: initially penned by poets the word ‘karma’ has erroneously displaced ‘samskara’ and modified its import in the process; samskara is the ebb and flow, a reaction to an action; karma is the entire caboodle that governs creation into its four creative states and then the same period of what human awareness considers non-creation; and this one cycle of creation and non-creation is under the governership of one template – a template called karma, within which is another template, specifically samskar.

To return… as destiny and samskar had detailed it, when a High Being entered my life and began his teaching (by what can best be described as osmosis teaching alongside practical discourses), my education about sex evolved.

I was by nature a reasonably gifted dancer. With permission of the High Being, I accompanied older lads who would take me along with them to weekend nightclubs as they knew I would probably be the second best dancer there. A gift which would then allow them access to girls. I disliked the environment and usually found an excuse not to be dragged along. One time, as I was making my excuses, the High Being interceded and indicated that I must accompany the other guys – that there was a lesson I needed to learn and understand.

At some point while we were at the nightclub I saw a large cheering mob gathered, ostensibly hidden away from prying eyes, and I went to investigate. I found a girl worse for wear from drink, being groped and kissed as the boys enjoyed her to their satisfaction. Where they would normally keep to themselves, the English, West Indian and Indian lads – fuelled by drink, hedonism and the free availability of sex – had removed their racial divisions, and one guy after the one took their turn. The girl involved encouraged them all.

The next day the High Being asked me about the incident and my views. I shared my intrigue at how lack of command and control over sexual desire led to deracialised involvement in an activity by a group of boys who wouldn’t otherwise be seen dead together; and by the girl too. So began my education about sex, sexual command and control.

I cannot underline the point enough, that unless a man (and this precludes women) attains full realisation of how to command and control the chemistry involved in sexual desire then advancement into the higher echelons of advanced awareness is impossible. From that pedestal you can indulge in sex almost like an ordinary person, but you do so selectively. In turn, command and control over the chemistry involved in sexual desire cannot be achieved unless the entire package leading to advancement into inner awareness’s refined echelons has been taught and mastered.

At the time, I thought the nightclub incident to be another exercise to sort out the wheat from the chaff among the High Being’s students. This turned out to be partially correct. In my case, and as he had indicated at the outset, my authority in the arena of control would pay for itself as the future unfolded. Those events unfolded when the UK police targeted me, trying to set me up as someone from a high religious status with weak sexual control.

They sent three women my way who would normally never give me a second look, and when each lady cried over the phone about why I did not consider them to be sexually attractive and had refrained from climaxing in their arms, the police who were recording each conversation and incident realised that I was somewhat different from ordinary faith activist.

If I had not mastered sex-desire, whereby I can be engaged in sex but never allow myself to orgasm, the UK police would have ‘outed’ me a long time ago. Thus when I share my views about sex then perhaps I do know a thing or two more about the subject matter than your ordinary ‘experts’.

I need to clarify certain points before I simplify the ongoing message. Advanced Beings, be they female or males, can instigate the process of birth by their sheer thought. But they do need a partner of an equal calibre in order to facilitate the matter. They can also, though more seldomly, instigate a birth for a couple who are desperate for a child.

All of this is conducted under the direct and absolute instructions of Maiea symmetry. She orders and we fulfill that order as per her request. To assume that we can summarily wade in willy-nilly is the height of ignorance; and it is this ignorance that also pens grand commercial novels about wars between the Good and Evil.

No, I cannot emphasis this point enough. Whatever I am, I am due to the permission of the Maiea symmetry. She controls, and nothing functions outside her set parameters. And herein lies the misunderstood teachings. It is from this base I share the following observations – because I am permitted to do so.

Ordinarywallahs make childlike assumptions about how the advanced mystics should act. If they behave within those set perimeters then they are acclaimed as Great Beings. But fall foul of the confused parameters set by secular ignorance, and you are condemned as the Great False Being and are garlanded as a Charlatan.

To gain and cement the title of Charlatan not only must you fall foul of the rigid expectations of sexual activity, but you must also be financially well-off. The oft asked question posed as an observation goes something like this: ‘You are so fortunate(!) that you do not need money…as we living in the world do…’. How precisely do you think spiritual folk and the mystics move around and pays their bills?

If the stupidity of ignorance were set to one side and the Advanced Beings allowed normal life expressions, then you would find that like you they too drink water, eat food and go to the toilet. They have a biological body and a chemically controlled mind-frame. They too want to enjoy whispers of undying love and passion. They too want to behave as normal human beings. The rub is that the unbalanced society in which they have to function does not want them to behave normally. Why not?

Why is it that of two mystics, one who because of some internal chemistry does not engage in sex often and one who for the same reason does, both are sought for consultation but the latter is considered to be of a lower order of mystic knowledge because of his/her greater sexual desire and activity?

Why indeed?

The answer lies is in the idiotic expectations of the ordinarywallahs that those who excel at explaining mysticism must somehow not function as they were created – lest they fall foul of the extraordinary expectations of the ordinarywallahs.

An apple cannot be expected even if covered and encased in the skin of an orange to taste like an orange.

Humans are created out of passion and sex. In that creation they carry the core fundamentals of passion and sex. So when the ordinarywallahs expect the mystics to be supernormal, they the ordinarywallahs have to ask themselves whether the mystic was created by supernormal beings out of thin air, and if not, then they need to expect that High Being to behave within normal human parameters.

If the erroneous pedestal were not created and these ordinary people with ordinary chemistry flowing in their veins were treated as normal people, then the majority of sex abuses by the ‘clergy’ of the Christian faith would not have existed in the numbers that they do.

My sincerest hope is that just because someone has the capacity to demystify mysticism it does not automatically mean that that person does not eat food, drink water and refrain from going to the toilet. That is utter nonsense. Such drivel emanates from people whose expectations are wound up in a fantasy of God as being above sexual and financial intrigue, and who then apply this fantasy to the bio-frame of the individual human being to whom they have gone seeking the demystification of mysticism.

Here I must make another point clear. The foot soldiers of faith, e.g., the clergy within Christianity, have zero ability to demystify mysticism. The ability and responsibility for this resides only at the very top most position of advanced awareness. And these Beings seldom interact with the general public.

So, you need to get real guys.

Another absurdity of the ordinarywallahs is to pray to God – this Ultimate Being who is considered and even demanded to be above sexual and financial intrigue and beyond interracial feuding – to find them their perfect sexual-life partner, fill their bank account to brimming and instigate interethnic peace at the wave of a celestial wand.

It’s like visiting a back street tailor and asking him to fix a small medical problem… say, sewing the hole in your heart!

Get real guys and smell the coffee. Get out of cloud-cuckoo land. Deal with reality, and stop placing Advanced Beings and Mysticism Demystifiers on a pedestal that prevents them from partaking of ‘real’ life – they can do both, you know. They are no less advanced because you ordinarywallahs castigate certain behaviours as sinful – whatever that means.

Please take responsibility for your own behaviour in their company and take full responsibility for your children’s welfare, and remember first and foremost to treat all religious activists as human beings with human feelings, desires and longings.

For they are human first and demystifiers of mysticism second.

Orphan of shame

I have almost finished my fifth decade of life in the UK.

As a child, my innocence wholeheartedly accepted the Christian hymn-singing and worship each school morning. I embraced the Christian ethos and English life manners. Many of the Christian and Anglo-Saxon quirks I found uncomfortable or considered downright idiotic, but the culture I come from ingrains equal respect to others, their lifestyle and their beliefs.

With crass ignorance, we were forcefully told that we had Christian names, when they meant our first name. We were equally forcefully told that Singh and Kaur were unacceptable as last names, and all kind of threats would rain down on you along with the insistence that you give them the ‘family’ name used before baptism, as that name would be used as your last name.

It took a lot of explaining and needless effort to maintain the irreversibility of a name change, let alone reverting to ones old family name. The point that bapitsed Sikhs would choose death rather than revert to a family name finally seemed to convince the ‘know it all master race’ that perhaps they were not well informed about other cultures. However their last word on the matter would always be. ‘Well, you are in England now. Here we do things differently and if you want to get on you had better fit in’. ‘Fit in’ was a euphemism for ‘mimic our lifestyle’. You could forget about equality right away.

Moving on. I found it shocking that children who had not yet discovered masturbation could answer back a teacher. Furthermore, the outright rudeness, abuse and disrespect by these children who could not yet wipe their own snot, but who could and would publicly scream, shout, and use offensive adult words at their own parents and other elders, disgusted me.

One of the rituals I found offensive was the dishonouring and waste of food at school dinnertime, as if human hunger had been wiped out globally. There was another dinnertime ritual I found baffling – it occurred during my first English summer. Winter and spring had passed. Summer’s arrival saw oranges and apples (bananas were rare in those days). The students relished eating fresh fruit. The shock was that they sprinkled lashings of white sugar on their dissected oranges and apples before eating! What?

On the other two continents I had lived prior to arriving in Europe and the UK, you either ate the fruit straight-up or sprinkled it with salt and/or black pepper, chilli masala. But white sugar?! Yuk. When the other kids saw me use salt and black pepper they collectively laughed, until copying my action they found the fruit tasted not only better but had a kick which enjoined the taste buds to savour the chemical reaction of tangy citrus juice salt/pepper.

But a few days later and despite their obvious enjoyment days earlier, the schoolkids reverted to using white sugar.  When I asked the boy nearest me at the school dinner table, he retorted that ‘we English do not eat foreign muck.’ It was an incident that, though I rarely realised it at the time, came to encapsulate and define the English attitude in virtually every area of my adult life.

The English will willfully dig their heels in as if their ego and esteem were at stake if they employed an idea from Johnny Foreigner. Though even being a foreigner was not simple, was in fact hierarchical. The Scots, Welsh, and Irish were foreigners, but to different degrees. Houses with rooms to let invariably had a sign hanging outside that read ‘No dogs. No Blacks. No Jews. No Wogs. No Irish.’ The Europeans were foreigners in different degrees too (Northern better than Southern and both better than Eastern – unless you were defecting from the Soviet bloc), though in the larger hierarchy they were below the Home Counties’ foreigners and above the non-European ones.

And in all of this the English defended their lifestyle and dietary habits as if their participation and enjoyment of something more enjoyable, maybe even better, than whatever they were used to would somehow dilute the ‘master race’. The cherished ‘master race’ idiotology was nailed to the mast of their mentality. This master race mentality translated in how you, as a foreigner, were not meant to sit on a bus if the available spaces were all next to English passengers; the bus conductor would shout at you to stand instead. Though truth be told, we weren’t all that keen on sitting next to a native anyway – they stank.

We learned that the English didn’t bathe for a week at a time, didn’t change their underclothes or socks either; and then there was the stinking fumes of their breath, on which commingled alcohol, cigarettes and meat. Most repulsive was learning that they smudged their faeces around their bottom using toilet paper when they went to the toilet – instead of washing their bottom – and just as often used the hand they ate with to accomplish this task. And all of this unbreathable stench  was then compound by using cheap, nasty-smelling perfume, though the men invariably didn’t go in for this – master race men smelled like men. You have no idea how nice that was!

And with the arrival of the first ray of sunshine, regardless of the chill-wind factor, the British would remove their shirts and find every excuse to become brown. Then gleefully they would compare their browned skin to ours to see if they had reached parity, their mouths stretched in smiles as wide as the Mississippi river, while never failing to mention that our rich skin – the one they were trying to emulate, the one that acted as natural barrier to the sun’s harmful rays – was dog dirt, and that this meant we were the mess under their shoe. Hence, ‘wog’ as a play on the word ‘bog’. The British government in their radical reappraisal of race relation laws eventually outlawed the term ‘wog’.

While it lasted – well beyond its official lifetime – this derogatory name really infuriated me. As a child, I wished to be a grownup so I could smack the other grownups in the face for calling me such names. An elderly friend of my father explained a very sensible mindset to cope with the derision. He was an authority on the body chakras and mindscapes corresponding to these. He gave a simple explanation: We, he said, from the mature civilisation operate from the heart chakra. Thus, we are hospitable, warm, friendly and thoughtful. Our mature kindness means we turn a blind eye to aggression and aggressive behaviour.

By contrast, hateful people, he went on to explain, suffer with low self esteem, which manifests as a need to be offensive, rude and aggressive, and this mentality operates from the chakra controlling bowel and urine movements. Thus, the English are homing in on their own bowels when they look at us with disdain. If, he added, ones entire thought process is based in the bowel then one is in fact encouraging diseases from that part of the body into the entire body.

This elderly man’s final advice to me was that my best offence was to encourage the master race hate me, because the fact of my skin colour being what it is represents an advanced state of reprisal in itself; and that their race hatred would, over time, build up into a potent disease. So let them hate you. To this day, when I notice race hate attitude and behaviour, however subtle, I do whatever I can to increase this hatred for me as my way of settling a score. It’s quite an English behaviour to manifest, which I learned from the English.

My intermittent ESP informed me that when the master race began enquiring about our caste, certain trouble loomed ahead. With the advent of a European foothold on India’s shores caste in India had become transmogrified as something rigid, degrading and divisive. Wanting and having an attention span for only soundbites, the master race used these soundbites about caste to believe that they had swum the depths of deep knowledge.

The eventual fall of the Roman Empire was predicated on their rulers demanding strict caste division of labour, and the suppression of natural flair and ability to move along the occupational bandwidth. In India, caste was likewise an occupational definition, but ability and talent were respected over things like inheritance, so boundaries were porous. The East India Company, a ragtag of ignorants masquerading haughtily as superiors, demanded rigid occupational boundaries in order to render governance more easy and manageable. Hence, the caste system of today in India.

So, when in my second school term some more Panjabi students joined and our teachers asked about our castes, I intuitively realised trouble was brewing. The teachers grouped us off and tasked a lad from the ‘lower caste’ to be our spokesperson in the event that we faced harassment or violence from other students. Later, when I had a part-time job a colleague from the ‘highest’ caste was named to lead us. It was only then that the penny finally dropped. The chosen one in each case was being singled out from the collective, and acquired a status of superiority vis-à-vis the collective he ostensibly led, which gave him more protection from the management and epitomised the divide-and-rule concept so foundational to European colonial rule. I realised much later how shrewd this was; but at the time – certainly at school, I viewed it as a revelation.

So, what has any of this got to do with being an Indian living in the UK?

Permit me another digression at this moment, which will help explain.

Hinduism is neither a religion nor a race. And Hindi, like English, is a mongrel language. Hindi was created by taking words and syntax from several north Indian languages including Panjabi (which is a sister language to Sanskrit) and was fashioned to bridge communication between the people and legal/business administration, and to create an in-house language for those engaged in law and business. Those officially and incorrectly classified as Hindus by the British are those who have come to rule India.

Their core mentality as a group is identical to that of all Indians – they are a docile and peaceful people; and their default setting is absolute adherence to ‘karma’ (a wholly misunderstood term that I have touched upon in another blog post); they will attempt something once to the best of their ability, and if they fail, they will willingly accept this as ‘god’s will’ and thus as karmic. This once outward-bound adventurous group became an inward-looking group, like the Scandinavians – denouncing conquest, violence, and physical domination, and relying instead on subjective advanced argument and discourse to maintain their authority. They were known by the world of that time as the ‘Noble People’ – in Sanskrit ‘Arya’.

With the invasion of the Moslems, Aryadesh’s people were found to be wanting in war skills, and she was thus easily overcome and ruled. Sindus, later abbreviated to Indus, was the first part of Aryadesh to be conquered. And ‘Hindu’ is a derogatory appellation taken from Sindus/Indus to signify the all-too-easily-conquerable people of Aryadesh, the weak defenceless men unable to prevent the rape and slavery of their women. The Arya people of the time were, like the Buddhists of Tibet, given to a dispassionate mindset and bent on living as pacifists that gave no quarter to mental anger let alone physical violence.

One thousand years of demoralising slavery later, the Hindu has gained power in India. And the flexing of that power now includes the Sikhs as a target for proving Hindu masculinity – the same Sikhs who secured freedom from conversion of ‘Hindus’ to Islam. Act upon act of negatively-induced and –directed violence has been perpetrated by Hindu against Sikh. Sikhs have been languishing in jail for more than twenty-five years for crimes they did not commit – their innocence proven – because of their attachment to being Sikh. I have very little doubt that were they to embrace Hinduism, these jailed Sikhs would be set free before the conversion ceremony was even completed.

In the meantime, Sikhs living in the west are fighting to maintain their own racial, linguistic and cultural heritage. Many formed fanatical groups seeking independence from India. The 1984 debacle was occasioned by one such incident. These radical fanatical fantasists fail to realise the world has moved on – demands mean nothing, unless you are willing to invest two to three centuries’ worth of training in modern warfare and conquer your opponent in the way of such violence – and that simply being a baptised Sikh is not a sufficient enough rationale to demand and have your will be done. They forget that such voice and traction as Sikhs historically enjoyed was located in, and dependent on, their superior warrior skills. And that their ancestral homeland will only be delivered if the world invests in Panjab the same way as it has in Israel – as a proxy war site, armed to the teeth, that acts as a frontier against Islamic nations. The fact is that the Sikhs willingly gave up their kingdom, and now they cannot expect realpolitik to hand it back to them on some long-ago promise.

Meanwhile, the Sikhs of the UK and their disenfranchised, independence-seeking movement, are having the flames of their discontent fanned by the British government, who are openly courting them and giving them carte blanche support to set up broadcast networks. Thus, the old Khalistanis use their newfound global voice to attack and embarrass India into cooperation with Sikh demands. The Kesri Lehar movement is one such demand: it seeks removal of the death penalty from the Indian statute books; but Kesri Lehar plays a double role, in that it represents a skillfully managed British Government project to reinforce Sikhs as a thorn in the eye and mind of the Indian Government.

I stand on the sidelines watching the debacle and am incensed by the government and country I have chosen to call my home using such divisive, underhand means to destabilise India. I am equally disgusted by the Hindu government’s need to pursue self-empowerment and self-esteem by imprisoning innocent non-Hindus, especially Sikhs. This cannot be called an Indian government anymore. It must be called a Hindu government.

The actions of two selfish governments, the British and the Indian, have left me utterly ashamed. Their actions have turned me into an orphan.

I am an orphan of shame.