Pandora’s Box

Sex and the Planet

From the Northern European Plain to the Plain of France, crisscross many grand majestic rivers. In the east, the Volga and Dnieper hold sway while the Danube, Reine, and Seine flow to their rest into the surrounding salty sea. Drinkable water eventually merges into undrinkable water.

At the foothills of the Matterhorn run a selection of crystal clear mountain streams. You can stand in awe of how pure the water appears. Yet, ask any local and they will inform you how poisonous the water is. Why? Because it is enriched with heavy industrial metals spewed out by the mega-intensive industrial furnaces. These furnaces are located from the Northern European Plain all the way to the Plain of France.

However, water for human consumption is removed from the majestic rivers, filtered, treated with more chemicals, and finally pumped to homes.

Moving on, do an Aunty (my name for the internet) search (oh, by the way my name for computers is ‘fruit-machines’) and seek out images of the vast miles and acreage of floating debris covering the planet’s soul, her Seas. The very life-gift of the planet is being progressively poisoned by organic chemistry via synthetic and polymer plastics.

Millennia before the popular advent of carbon chemistry, alchemy was secreted in the planet’s philosophical influences and forgotten traditions. This was taken into the industrial age where copious and far more poisonous compounds were created.

But that wasn’t enough. The battle for racial supremacy demanded a far more lethal and fatal weapon. The atomic bomb was re-invented without any of its original failsafe components in place.

Just prior to the atomic bomb one race reached out in its desire for domination, and copying from the ancient Indian scriptures it manufactured an incredible instrument of fear. The V1 and V2 rockets rained down on the British Isles.

Naturally, the progression of ignorance means we now await the power of the V2 technology harnessed in tandem with the nuclear technology, and then the Europeans will successfully travel the solar system at speeds unheard of as yet. Wonderful, no?!

The V2 technology has already progressed into cruise missiles and drones, albeit the fanfare ought to go to the satellite rockets (descendents of the V2 rockets) taking a payload to neighboring celestial globes. The natural progression of this technology meant unmanned flying apparatus would carry out set functions – remote killing.

We have already seen the next stage of this ignorant-technology whereby an ‘imprisoned’ political leader was, having given up armed struggle to free his occupied land, ‘cooked’ using microwave technology. Prior to his death, he behaved like someone who had lost his marbles. The ongoing squabble about his death – did he die from one or other of the nuclear elements injected into him – just diverts us, obscuring the real cause of his death. This microwave technology is going to mean that areas of urban habitation will be ‘fried’ using outer space based satellites bouncing ground-based initiator beams.

I am associated, as a minor field functionary, with a body that is charged with the responsibility of controlling human ventures, lest humans fragment this planet. Our Seniors have stepped in to safeguard this planet by wiping humans off the face of it if necessary, using complicated and unbelievably advanced telekinetic equipment, and then resetting the global environment ‘back by many millions of years’ so the entire shooting match can begin all over again.

This planet is at the edge of a non-descript galaxy in an isolated barren area of the cosmos; but this planet is all we have. There is no other like it out there. Well, not within the means of current technology. And if the current activity of deep earth excavation for her minerals, carbon, and precious gems does not stop, which those of my level consider to be the rape of this planet, then without warning the Seniors will reset the clock.

To put it simply, the very natural resources (being excavated) are the single reason why the sun’s damaging rays are deflected from frying all the living species on this planet. Humans can argue that all mineral resources are there for pillage, and then hope that once exhausted the technology is found to allow mass exodus from this planet and occupation of another world somewhere out there. Yes, fine, but what about the basic building blocks of life without which human life perishes? What happens to those?

Race Europeans have a highly selective, amnesiac, self-delusional over-appreciation of their own capabilities. Their type of delusional nonsense has been attempted in the past and will be opted for again in the future. But at each point, before irreparable damage is done to the self-sustainability of this planet, the Seniors have wiped selected or indeed whole human races off the face of this globe. No warning. Just a simple decision and the  button will be pushed. Minor culls of humanity have happened many a time. But a major wipe-out has happened only a few times in all three of the four Ages.

It is also true that the array of suns we see as stars are in fact reflective mirages, as very few suns actually exist in our own galaxy, and it has to be said that Albert Einstein and his colleagues have not yet got their finger on the pulse of that truth and its meaning.

All of this very basic information is contained in the various scriptures of the old India: Aryadesh, Nobleland.

These are the self-same scriptures now housed and digitalized by various governments that are trying to unlock and decode their content. Albert Einstein used an aspect of his minor inner awareness along with his intellect and his secular comprehension of the Torah to formulate his famous theory. But like all intelligent people, he missed the point. The point is that for all the knowledge and clear-cut intellect one very important ingredient is missing. That ingredient is kept shrouded, although it is available to all Sentient beings. What is it? Inner awareness.

We, from that old land of knowledge and inner awareness give indications, but the message is seldom understood. We shared the fun of gunpowder and the Europeans used it for destruction and domination. We shared the peaceful purpose of a wingless projectile along with details of its powering system, and the Europeans have partially used it for draconian domination having reasonably mastered the projectile but failed to unravel the powering system. We shared basic knowledge for a powerbase, only for the Europeans to use it to visit destructive and ongoing misery on other humans.

I, for one, had a say in opposing the dissemination of any further knowledge and guidance with the Europeans. Interestingly, they were utilising the genuine goodwill of the scripturally aware who come from a much lower stratum than the one my group occupies, to unravel the secrets of the wingless projectile’s powering system, but we have put a stop to that for the time being. This technology would have allowed humans to reach our nearest ‘star’ within ninety minutes or so; or, with even better understanding of the technology, to reach it within a matter of a few minutes.

So why did we stop the exchange of knowledge?

Information is not meant for domination and subjugation. As collective occupiers of this planet and the solar system, the responsibility for thoughtful and balanced guardianship demands that we examine each and every step of our attempts to ‘improve’ on nature.

Europeans have totally missed the point, in that ‘nature’ is itself the ultimate technology operating at its optimum best.

Nature has, in her databank, information of all past expressions of various global and celestial incidents and has an absolute awareness of what passes for the future. Europeans wander the globe unaware that the future is cemented in the same way that the past seems to them to be unchangeable. The future is not some unseen, irrational series of events. On the contrary, the future makes the past. Thus, the past plays itself out within parameters which are themselves pre-ordained by the future.

Unfortunately, the danger here is the Europeans’ ignorant desire to misunderstand the present and ignore the future while fattening their wealth. And it’s a wealth that will no more grant them a long, disease-free life than it will grant them access into the dominions through which the ‘soul’ can be made to escape this prison called earth. Ask yourself, do you want to move freely in the cosmos or do you want to restrict your adventures to environments where only an exact amount of earth-air exists?

Interstellar travel automatically involves the sentient beings’ ability to exist without the confines of the prison-earth environment. Imagine if fish could live outside water and be without gills. They too would roam the terra firma like us. Likewise, an ability exists to travel within this galaxy as her own ‘children’, but that ability requires a totally different approach by humans, especially the Europeans.

Aunty (internet) was devised by a need to share information amongst colleagues. Once again, ignorance ruled the need/desire and the end result is that now inhuman, affectionless, power-based, sex is rife and freely available over Aunty’s network. Aunty has been vulgarised and thoroughly violated. And as soon as one shocking activity becomes ‘normal’ then another sadistic vulgarity is streamed in order to sustain flagging hits of any given website. Congratulations for creating a tool to de-humanise women.

The very women without whom you as a man cannot be born.

Womankind is brutalised by mankind and subjected to violence and ongoing derogatory sexual practices which, if done in front of you to your own mother and daughters, would see you arming yourself to the teeth to kill the abuser. But hey, it’s ok to watch the same acts done to a woman with no family blood connection to you. The reality is, you are an equal participant of the abuse as the abuser themselves. Pat yourself on your back for becoming a groomer of sexual abuse.

Europeans fail to understand that each of us is a bio-signature, most compatible with a bio-signature whose resonance is similar to our own. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Those born with gay trig-mantra as their bio-signature ought to be duly respected and allowed to function within their own bio-field.

However, bio-fields have porous membrane. The bio-field emits and receives ‘information’ that affects and changes the bio-signature’s perception levels. The bio-field does not have a moral or ethical compass as practiced by functioning societies. It simply gathers, absorbs, and transmits information.

Thus, the capacity to function and interact with other humans means that your own bio-field is saturated and laden with what in human terms passes for negative templates. For whatever reason, as an example, the race European world seeks and participates in numerous sexual encounters, thus poisoning their own bio-field and passing that poison-laden bio-signature to their descendents. A poisoned bio-field has an automatic built-in trigger that functions as an aberration of humanity’s norms and turns it, per the example we are using of perverse sexual behaviour, into the accepted and normative template. We know that sexual intrigue is an inescapable fact of life; but it need not be put into practice as a lifestyle.

I lived on three continents during my childhood. The third was Europe. On each of those continents, children’s natural curiosity for exploration involved physical sexual exploration. Kids played games like ‘mummies and daddies’ and ‘doctors, nurses and patients’. The games were a cover and excuse for our curiosity to examine the physical anatomy of the other sex. But these games were played within our own age group.

This sexual curiosity evolved with age into being attracted to an older person. And each, within the group I grew up with, had a tale to tell about such encounters. But it was a mutual-appreciation venture. All older people were by no means attracted into this, just as all the people I grew up with have not indulged in such activity with a younger age group.

I, of course, as detailed in a previous post, went to very heights of sexual awareness and was tutored in that environment to understand sexual triggers and how to coordinate the chemical/desire paradigm as opposed to being a pawn within it.

Thus, the current fashion of seeking retribution for having been groomed as if you were an unwilling participant in the process is an indicator of a poisoned bio-field in operation. Because, had the initial bio-field integrity remained unsoiled then the chance of being groomed would not have increased.

As an old old fashioned Sikh, I have absolutely zero tolerance for the abuse of kids by adults. Those adults should be hounded into submission. That type of interaction is utterly unacceptable.

You also have to realise that you are the sum total of your parents’ attitude and hidden desire at your inception, which then is registered in you as your normal template. This is where bio-signature is of vital importance and plays a significant part in how you perceive associations with others and external impulses. This manifests in the following way: a compromised bio-signature would lean at its subconscious level towards an environment where an abuser could groom that bio-signature.


Because an adult enjoying free, irresponsible, unattached sex means imbues the bio-signature of their offspring with every ounce of their own desire, ambition, anticipation, and sexual indulgence. You as the parent are therefore equally responsible for the predator who takes advantage of your teenage child.

Because your behaviour has influenced the tolerance threshold of that teenage child into assuming that it can accept, participate and indulge in the invitation-seduction it is being charmed with. This is why older civilisations are relentlessly strict about social behaviour and interaction between teenage/young adults and adults.

What you sow, your offspring will pay for.

Having said that, look at the morality and ethics of sex and relationships.

In my childhood, I was fully conversant with male gay sexuality. They were called homosexuals then. We kids picked up the terminology from the older kids. Female gay sexuality was not openly spoken about but we assumed it existed. And, yet, adult males were also frequently seen walking hand in hand as an expression of trust and of friendship that went deeper than blood-brother relationship. Such examples of men walking hand-in-hand or indeed women walking hand-in-hand were never considered sexual. It never was sexual.

Youths of opposing gender could walk hand in hand, albeit only up to a certain age after which was frowned upon. Occasionally, parents walked hand-in-hand with their adult children of the opposite sex. Adults and kids shared beds, men shared beds, women shared beds, but sex was never the agenda or the result. Thus when the popstar Michael Jackson was accused of sharing his bed with kids, outside of the piously perverted Anglo-Saxon world the rest of the world’s races really saw nothing untoward.

In the same way, until Europeans forced their own prudish guilt on naked Africans or for that matter on Indian rural dwellers, the idea that nakedness was ‘rude’ never entered the minds of those races. The prudery, inferiority, lack of sexual self-worth and self-esteem of the ‘Christian’ Europeans is the cause of a lopsided sexual awkwardness foisted on the rest of the global community.

A powerful non-European culture is tolerated by the Anglo-Saxons whereby one man can have five wives. Yet a weaker non-European culture where a woman can have five husbands is frowned upon and the cultural practice is slowly being wiped out because the Anglo-Saxon paymasters disapprove. The very same Anglo-Saxons mouth disapproval about harems – a concept that to this day it fails to understand – yet they bed-hop like nobody’s business.

The integrity of a harem has never been examined by the Anglo-Saxon, but apparently his own ‘yesterday I was in love and today I am not’ culture is normal and acceptable. Where is the responsibility of ‘cherish, loyalty and faithfulness unto death’ in this mentality?

Sexual intrigue and racial violence and the need to dominate and subjugate are closely linked. The energy for both dwells in the same spot. It emanates from the same point but differs in terms of the direction the energy impulse travels. If the base chakra energy outlet is aimed at the kundalinli chakra, then you will get the aberration that is the European mentality where everything has to be re-moulded to that ‘wave’ of thinking. By contrast, if the energy gate allows the sexual energy to travel higher up the chakra symmetry then a caring, affectionate, consolatory, humane attitude prevails.

If the Europeans could appreciate this fact of an identical energy impulse that manifests in two different mentalities, then it might be possible for the Europeans to rein in their excessive zeal for unnatural, inhumane, violent behaviour.

Simultaneously, Europeans have to realise that you cannot create a new toy without making sure that its creation will not subject another regardless of race or animal value into subjugation and humiliation. Nature has a way of dealing with something it no longer has a purpose for. It is called extinction.

Currently beautiful animals are on the verge of extinction due to the mass killing of them by the Europeans during their ‘hunt’ mentality era – shooting to kill animals who were way in the distance and of no threat to you or yours. This type of negative mass extinct has serious repercussions. The natural habitat of murdered animals is increasingly being commandeered for formal agriculture.

Nature in her wise fairness will extract an equal amount of punishment from the very race that coordinated the mass hunt-killing of those defenseless animals. If we take the idiotic back-to-front theory of Darwinian nonsense, even the Europeans have to hold their heads in shame for killing the very vehicle that theory claims humans emanated from.

Each of those ‘lower order’ animals had a pivotal and vital part to play in the evolution process of human. If one predator or its victim did not exist as it had then the whole shooting match of us looking as we do would have been very different. Instead of giving respect to our fellow animals, Europeans are forever abusing them in the name of superiority. There is not enough shame in the very casket that houses European consciousness for them to feel the shame I allude to. So I will not say that they should be ashamed for the mass murder of defenceless animals. Yes, those animals were murdered, not killed.

The industrial revolution that has enslaved humans was the thoughtless product of European mentality. Their desire to be superior within their own ranks then spilled over into dominating, via abjectly humiliating other races. An Indian television news anchor of an American network shared the humiliation of slave owners ordering one slave to defecate in the mouth of another slave. The TV anchor, Martin Bashir, who used the expression to put Sarah Palin in her place for making another one of her anal remarks, was sent on paid leave from his job (and no doubt will be sacked).

Such is the type of back-to-front idiocy that belies the European mentality vis-à-vis modernity. The industrial furnaces of pan-European nations should never have been built without investigation of their consequences. In the same way, refined food should never have been mass produced, since its disease-laden and disease-causing potential was known from the beginning. But hey, does the race European care about the health of the masses when there’s a quick buck to be made?

So what can be done even at this late stage?

It is down to each individual ordinarywallah race European person to stand up and be counted and form a collective to demand that the mega-industries change tack. With us at the grassroots level collaborating, those industries have no chance of surviving let alone winning this fight. And their agenda must be halted before they cause global human implosion.

We are being diseased from the chemically filled food we eat. That chemistry has to have a reaction. That reaction is the demise of the human race as we know it. And guess what? Since race Europeans eats more of this chemically enriched food than all the other races put together…well, you can work the rest out for yourselves.

I am sorry, but the future of the humans in a world dominated by race European is bleak, very very bleak, unless we take affirmative action as of now. A modernity in which machines do all our work for us will render humans enslaved by the very machines that race European has been hell-bent on creating in its pursuit of ever-greater profit. Just what are we humans in this race European dominated world going to do with all the spare time on our hands?

Twiddle our fingers, I suppose. Prudery will prevent us from making love, though we still have uninvolved, irresponsible, emotionless sex, I guess. But for how long, before machines replace our human partners in that enjoyment also?

Government slave

HOTMAIL – rabbit in headlights

I, over the years, have refused, following my inner awareness, to use emails. Additionally, I make severely restricted use of SMS other than for hi’s and bye’s with immediate family.

My inner awareness informed me, and I shared this with anyone willing to listen, that ever since the advent of fax systems, the security apparatus of any government is automatically obliged to intercept all communication exchanges, especially among ethnic communities and fringe political groups. People scoffed at me. When mobile phones came into existence, commonsense and basic understanding of the technology told me the same would happen.

Of course, prior to modern technology snail-mail and landline telephones were also intercepted and information gleaned by a country’s security apparatus. Thus, the idea that we are being snooped on is neither new nor acceptable, then or now.

The state security always lies through its teeth, using smoking mirrors to justify its need to intervene, intercept and scrutinise each and every communication between fellow humans.

In the 1960s, MI5 and MI6 (the state security apparatuses of the United Kingdom) snooped on the then newly elected labour Prime Minister Mr. Harold Wilson in order to derail his government in favour of the right-wing Conservative opposition. Incensed, he broadcast a speech hinting at snoopers (my word) attempting to derail a lawfully elected government. Within months of his election he went to the polls again, and this time the snoopers left him alone and he formed a majority in parliament.

To say that snoopers are a current phenomenon is to miss the point. In fact that famous Russian mystic Rasputin’s communication with folk within his sphere of influence was totally compromised by the British secret service of the time, which ‘amended’ the sense of many a hand-written communique between the parties. The British considered Rasputin to be a pivotal anti-British force whose influence threatened Britain’s interests about how they needed the Russian military machine to move and function. Of course, Rasputin’s assisination was a coup d’etat organised and executed by British agents who pulled the trigger personally rather than trust any of their Russian counterparts.

It would not be too far wrong to claim that state security is older than the oldest profession in the world.

In my case, since 1988 I and my entire family have been on the terrorist register simply because I defended my family from attack by a large number of our English neighbours over planning approval to build a family home extension.

This allowed the UK police to totally ruin our lives. Please read the horror of our ongoing experience under the post ‘UK Police Brutality’ on this blog. You will find a link to it at the top of this page. To this day my local MP Mary Macleod, a right-winger who I classify as a PSR (a new term in English language, PSR stands for Practicing Sly Racism or Practicing Sly Racist), has repeatedly refused to represent my family’s plight to the police authorities.

The best my MP bothered to do was to get a part-time, wet-behind-the-ears, learn-on-the-job-bobby to call me on a late Sunday evening. He was shocked to learn of our family’s deplorable state of existence and left me with the impression that he would reconsider if his decision to join the UK police force. Other than that, we’ve had no assistance or contact.

The UK police force has attempted to kill me more than once. No doubt, they would have done it by now if they were serious about it – and they would totally get away with it too. This same police force was well within its remit when it asked the Indian police to kill me on its behalf. And the Indian police force would do so because, as their officer said to me: ‘Sir, they pay us, and we are told what to do, and we do it’.

In my case, then, interception of communication has gone beyond state security to attempted state murder.

How is this possible?

Because today’s Anglo-Saxons have sleep-walked into the arms of state imprisonment as a result of the second European war – the war that had England begging India, along with various African nations under its draconian rule (ask the Kikuyu of Kenya of how they were routinely rounded up for a beatings, rape and murder) to come to her aid under the slogan of freedom of speech and life.


Initially, the nod-nod-wink-wink style of state interception of communication was conceived as a way of keeping tabs on the ethnic communities in European-governed countries. But laypeople are laypeople the world over. They are willing to accept deception and sound-bites as long as it is not their ‘freedom’ or their perception of ‘freedom’ that is being affected. Unfortunately, the chickens have come home to roost. Now, human beings are just a number, with the algorithm of their identity and face saved on a global database.

Now, the soiled toilet paper you flush down the loo is trapped, collected and examined to check what you have consumed, so that this can be married up to the data that has been collected from recording your movements over the past few days. If the excrement tests reveal food that the security apparatuses know you could not have purchased during the days of your scrutiny then you are a terrorist, as it means you have acted in ways not captured by their scrutiny or knowledge.

Each person you contact, visit or have a passing joke with on the street is ‘your contact’ and followed. That person’s global activity is securitised using identity and movement algorithms. Eventually, your faeces conundrum will be solved, and details of the food you consumed, who brought it for you, from where, and when, will all be known.

All of this in the name of protecting us from imminent attack by the terrorist under-the-bed, living under our own roof. Nice.

Recently, I was forced to use an online application system for a government approval document, and I had to use a hotmail-based email account in order for my application to be processed. Reluctantly, I conformed and thus become more enslaved.

Some time later, hotmail refused me access to this account. They insisted that I provide them with a phone number via which they would forward me a security pass, thus helping them determine that it is in fact me using the email facility and not another person. The fact that all our computers are already automatically under constant surveillance is not enough, but now I need to formally give these people information they already hold about me.

I am, in their eyes, mentally incapacitated to decide whether I indeed need additional security to use a facility they control in any case.

This raised a question in my mind: as men, when we have a need to masturbate then how long before the state security will send another man to give us a blowjob because they do not want us to damage our wrist? Of course, all this would be done to protect us from harm in case our arm, hand, wrist were to become an instrument of terror.

After all, my safety is paramount to the snoopers. Now, in this case will they allow us the luxury of choosing if the blowjob functionary is of the gender we choose or will that also be imposed on us for our own safety – you do understand their reasoning for choosing the functionary don’t you?

So now, not only are we followed as their prisoner-slaves wherever we go, and our activity logged for our safety, it is only a matter of time before we will be given a surrogate to make love to our own loved ones. Wow, so much care! I don’t want them to think I feel suffocated; and as long as they are better arbiters of what is necessary for my safety then all is well and good. No?

Then, another thought arose in my mind: that having legs is very dangerous to my safety, since they could arguably harm me in one way or another. So aren’t we the lucky ones when the day arrives that the state security, for our protection, amputates our legs for our safety. Modernity, along with her sibling automation, will provide us with automated, semi-floating, hover-chairs for our movement. Wow, can’t wait, can you? All this for our safety from the terrorist under-the-bed.

Then, my thought observed, ‘but I could self-harm using my hands and arms’. No worries, came back the answer. They will amputate your arms as well, inserting tubes to feed you soup and tubes to expel the waste. And all of this for my own safety from terrorists who are similarly protected from terrorists who may want to do them harm!!!

My thoughts… surely they are sacrosanct? Er no. Terrorists could hijack our thoughts, so our brains will have to be replaced by a chip. Wow, that would mean all humans are able to communicate without age, gender, race or language based barriers. No breakdown in communication, ever. Peace at long last!

Now, I long for and have worked hard for global peace, so please show me the dotted line and I’ll sign up. Oh, shite, it’s an online application. And I can’t get online because hotmail refuses to allow me access to my email account unless I give them a phone number they already hold for me.

And I was so looking forward to becoming a Cyber-Borg. I cannot put in words my disappointment at being thus refused the opportunity to become my cherished ideal, so that I may be protected from a terrorist who has no cause to harm me in the first place… unlike the state security apparatus, which only wants to protect me from something that does not exist until it creates it in one form or another in the first place.

And the idiots say the Devil has a wicked sense of humour.

Now, at least, I can understand why God is so boring. Can’t you? God would never allow humans to become Cyber-Borgs, unlike the Devil.

Oh, oh, hotmail, there is a wasp flying outside my window; please, please come to my aid and protect me from harm as it might be a terrorist wasp!

Not without a phone number…