Government slave

HOTMAIL – rabbit in headlights

I, over the years, have refused, following my inner awareness, to use emails. Additionally, I make severely restricted use of SMS other than for hi’s and bye’s with immediate family.

My inner awareness informed me, and I shared this with anyone willing to listen, that ever since the advent of fax systems, the security apparatus of any government is automatically obliged to intercept all communication exchanges, especially among ethnic communities and fringe political groups. People scoffed at me. When mobile phones came into existence, commonsense and basic understanding of the technology told me the same would happen.

Of course, prior to modern technology snail-mail and landline telephones were also intercepted and information gleaned by a country’s security apparatus. Thus, the idea that we are being snooped on is neither new nor acceptable, then or now.

The state security always lies through its teeth, using smoking mirrors to justify its need to intervene, intercept and scrutinise each and every communication between fellow humans.

In the 1960s, MI5 and MI6 (the state security apparatuses of the United Kingdom) snooped on the then newly elected labour Prime Minister Mr. Harold Wilson in order to derail his government in favour of the right-wing Conservative opposition. Incensed, he broadcast a speech hinting at snoopers (my word) attempting to derail a lawfully elected government. Within months of his election he went to the polls again, and this time the snoopers left him alone and he formed a majority in parliament.

To say that snoopers are a current phenomenon is to miss the point. In fact that famous Russian mystic Rasputin’s communication with folk within his sphere of influence was totally compromised by the British secret service of the time, which ‘amended’ the sense of many a hand-written communique between the parties. The British considered Rasputin to be a pivotal anti-British force whose influence threatened Britain’s interests about how they needed the Russian military machine to move and function. Of course, Rasputin’s assisination was a coup d’etat organised and executed by British agents who pulled the trigger personally rather than trust any of their Russian counterparts.

It would not be too far wrong to claim that state security is older than the oldest profession in the world.

In my case, since 1988 I and my entire family have been on the terrorist register simply because I defended my family from attack by a large number of our English neighbours over planning approval to build a family home extension.

This allowed the UK police to totally ruin our lives. Please read the horror of our ongoing experience under the post ‘UK Police Brutality’ on this blog. You will find a link to it at the top of this page. To this day my local MP Mary Macleod, a right-winger who I classify as a PSR (a new term in English language, PSR stands for Practicing Sly Racism or Practicing Sly Racist), has repeatedly refused to represent my family’s plight to the police authorities.

The best my MP bothered to do was to get a part-time, wet-behind-the-ears, learn-on-the-job-bobby to call me on a late Sunday evening. He was shocked to learn of our family’s deplorable state of existence and left me with the impression that he would reconsider if his decision to join the UK police force. Other than that, we’ve had no assistance or contact.

The UK police force has attempted to kill me more than once. No doubt, they would have done it by now if they were serious about it – and they would totally get away with it too. This same police force was well within its remit when it asked the Indian police to kill me on its behalf. And the Indian police force would do so because, as their officer said to me: ‘Sir, they pay us, and we are told what to do, and we do it’.

In my case, then, interception of communication has gone beyond state security to attempted state murder.

How is this possible?

Because today’s Anglo-Saxons have sleep-walked into the arms of state imprisonment as a result of the second European war – the war that had England begging India, along with various African nations under its draconian rule (ask the Kikuyu of Kenya of how they were routinely rounded up for a beatings, rape and murder) to come to her aid under the slogan of freedom of speech and life.


Initially, the nod-nod-wink-wink style of state interception of communication was conceived as a way of keeping tabs on the ethnic communities in European-governed countries. But laypeople are laypeople the world over. They are willing to accept deception and sound-bites as long as it is not their ‘freedom’ or their perception of ‘freedom’ that is being affected. Unfortunately, the chickens have come home to roost. Now, human beings are just a number, with the algorithm of their identity and face saved on a global database.

Now, the soiled toilet paper you flush down the loo is trapped, collected and examined to check what you have consumed, so that this can be married up to the data that has been collected from recording your movements over the past few days. If the excrement tests reveal food that the security apparatuses know you could not have purchased during the days of your scrutiny then you are a terrorist, as it means you have acted in ways not captured by their scrutiny or knowledge.

Each person you contact, visit or have a passing joke with on the street is ‘your contact’ and followed. That person’s global activity is securitised using identity and movement algorithms. Eventually, your faeces conundrum will be solved, and details of the food you consumed, who brought it for you, from where, and when, will all be known.

All of this in the name of protecting us from imminent attack by the terrorist under-the-bed, living under our own roof. Nice.

Recently, I was forced to use an online application system for a government approval document, and I had to use a hotmail-based email account in order for my application to be processed. Reluctantly, I conformed and thus become more enslaved.

Some time later, hotmail refused me access to this account. They insisted that I provide them with a phone number via which they would forward me a security pass, thus helping them determine that it is in fact me using the email facility and not another person. The fact that all our computers are already automatically under constant surveillance is not enough, but now I need to formally give these people information they already hold about me.

I am, in their eyes, mentally incapacitated to decide whether I indeed need additional security to use a facility they control in any case.

This raised a question in my mind: as men, when we have a need to masturbate then how long before the state security will send another man to give us a blowjob because they do not want us to damage our wrist? Of course, all this would be done to protect us from harm in case our arm, hand, wrist were to become an instrument of terror.

After all, my safety is paramount to the snoopers. Now, in this case will they allow us the luxury of choosing if the blowjob functionary is of the gender we choose or will that also be imposed on us for our own safety – you do understand their reasoning for choosing the functionary don’t you?

So now, not only are we followed as their prisoner-slaves wherever we go, and our activity logged for our safety, it is only a matter of time before we will be given a surrogate to make love to our own loved ones. Wow, so much care! I don’t want them to think I feel suffocated; and as long as they are better arbiters of what is necessary for my safety then all is well and good. No?

Then, another thought arose in my mind: that having legs is very dangerous to my safety, since they could arguably harm me in one way or another. So aren’t we the lucky ones when the day arrives that the state security, for our protection, amputates our legs for our safety. Modernity, along with her sibling automation, will provide us with automated, semi-floating, hover-chairs for our movement. Wow, can’t wait, can you? All this for our safety from the terrorist under-the-bed.

Then, my thought observed, ‘but I could self-harm using my hands and arms’. No worries, came back the answer. They will amputate your arms as well, inserting tubes to feed you soup and tubes to expel the waste. And all of this for my own safety from terrorists who are similarly protected from terrorists who may want to do them harm!!!

My thoughts… surely they are sacrosanct? Er no. Terrorists could hijack our thoughts, so our brains will have to be replaced by a chip. Wow, that would mean all humans are able to communicate without age, gender, race or language based barriers. No breakdown in communication, ever. Peace at long last!

Now, I long for and have worked hard for global peace, so please show me the dotted line and I’ll sign up. Oh, shite, it’s an online application. And I can’t get online because hotmail refuses to allow me access to my email account unless I give them a phone number they already hold for me.

And I was so looking forward to becoming a Cyber-Borg. I cannot put in words my disappointment at being thus refused the opportunity to become my cherished ideal, so that I may be protected from a terrorist who has no cause to harm me in the first place… unlike the state security apparatus, which only wants to protect me from something that does not exist until it creates it in one form or another in the first place.

And the idiots say the Devil has a wicked sense of humour.

Now, at least, I can understand why God is so boring. Can’t you? God would never allow humans to become Cyber-Borgs, unlike the Devil.

Oh, oh, hotmail, there is a wasp flying outside my window; please, please come to my aid and protect me from harm as it might be a terrorist wasp!

Not without a phone number…