Football, Prayers & Ecology

Let me begin with a thought. You have two of the following: eyes, nostrils, ears, lungs, kidneys, ovaries, testes, breasts, hands, arms, feet, legs as well as numerous glands and miles of blood vessels.


I, along with all other children, played a game that involved kicking anything that would roll and chasing it to kick it again, and again. The emphasis was on kicking the object. The aim was to be the first, each and every time, to kick the object. This required running faster than anybody else. We pushed others out of the way, but really it was more a polite occupation of space in order to obstruct the other person’s path to the object. Occasionally we got an actual ball to kick. Wow, a ball. Yep, they existed in those far off days in the midday sun of the Kenyan dirt track and side alleys.

Many families lived around a courtyard. Family courtyards were invariably concreted, and several families occupied the dwellings surrounding it and used that space to cook the day’s food before the sun became unbearable. When the sun raged, the internal kitchen was used. Each wife/mother cooked in her own kitchen; however, each cook offered and accepted food cooked by another. Reciprocity was the mainstay of such units. So kids did not really kick about in the courtyards as freely as they did in the side alleys.

These kickabouts were replicated when as a child the family moved to Punjab. There my school had goalposts in playing fields. “What was football?”, I asked after being told what the posts were for, and being told they were football goalposts. I never did see football being played in India. The best that a ‘football’ was used for was to see how high one could kick a ball into the air.

You guys have to realise that the heat of equatorial Kenya and tropical India is an energy-sapping environment. People are easy-going because the heat does not encourage active movement for sustained periods of time. No one in his or her right mind wants to increase their body temperature, so chasing a ball was not the ideal game to play.

No, the game we played was to go walking around the shopping centres to look at girls of our age or slightly older. If girls looked at us without frowning, we spun dreams of love, marriage, children, and grandchildren, until the next time a girl looked at us without a frown. I sometimes wonder where the Muslims got their idea of multi-marriage!

When still a child, the family moved to London. I didn’t know what England was, but I knew what London was. London was the country, with which England was somehow associated. How, was not quite clear. Televisions by and large were a non-entity in those days. Kids played in the streets or in the park. My glee at being confronted with a ball to chase in the park must have been plastered all over my face, and I was invited to join the group of lads ‘playing’. They played in the same way we chased the round object through the dirt alleyways in Kenya. It was the same: push each other politely, and kick the ball; but this time in a particular direction.

At school in those days sports was mandatory. I was confronted with things called wing-half and inside-right, while the position that threw me for months were something called right and left bats. Bats! What had vampires to do with football?! As my ears got used to the English and London accent, I realised the words were right and left backs. The first time I played, I was told to stand in a position at the edge of the pitch. Half-a-wing or was it wing-half or something like that. I had never come across anything like this.

The centre-forward pushed the ball forwards for his companion to run with. I looked on transfixed from where I’d been told to stand. That was my position so I stood and watched. Then deja vu took over. The kids, all twenty of them, chased the ball irrespective of what their position on the field was. I knew this game. It was the kick & chase game of the dirt track alleyways of Kenya. Only this time it was called football. I understood the mêlée. I joined in with full gusto.

Kids reeled off names like Puskas, Eusebio, Pele, Garrincha, Billy Wright, Stanley Matthews, Danny Blanchflower…they might as well have been speaking double-dutch for all I knew, but I cottoned on that the Brazilian national team was the best around etc.

The 1966 world cup was on television. The most obvious thing I observed was the manner in which the European teams refused to play football, but rather stuck to allocated ‘positions’. The South Americans, with their natural flair, played from the heart. The Europeans played a calculated, tactical game. Nature verse nurture. Nurture won the cup. The essence had been taken out of the game. Results mattered, not flair. Beauty was replaced by Bugly Yetty. A precursor world in which intelligence began to be measured by catty sarcasm.

The Europeans went further. They perfected the tactical foul. Ever since, the game has lost its purity. What we see today is not football, a game intended for a cardiovascular workout with smiling faces and mutual admiration. Instead, we see a war. It has become a caveman’s war. Win at any cost.

Old manners intertwined with ancient mechanisms of Prayer have also become like the modern game of football. Prayers used to be aimed at an end result. The end result sought was peace. Peace in one’s thoughts with Peace-related stream of thoughts. But nowadays, (nowadays here means the past five to six thousands years), it is thinking masquerading as Prayer.

Prayer has become a method of beseeching the outer something deemed ‘God’, to fulfill a request. Naturally, as priorities and emotions change, the request changes. “Dear God…” a new requisition form is forwarded. Then ofcourse as the request is never fulfilled a ‘I do not believe in God…’ diatribe is energised.

Prayers have to evolve as humans change their reference points. I will use football to illustrate change and the new evolution that could transform football. This new evolution could be called Gool-Mool.

  1. Throw-in: can be slung in with one arm, or kicked in like a foul. Either way the opposing team cannot be within ten yards.
  2. If a foul is committed in the defending half by the defending team, no more than three defenders plus their goalkeeper must face five attackers, until the ball goes out of play, a goal is scored or is successfully defended.
  3. Every third corner automatically leads to a dribble penalty where an attacker faces the goalkeeper. Either the attack is nullified or a goal is scored.
  4. A shot hitting the post and rebounding back into play is an automatic goal.
  5. A yellow card sees the player sit in sin-bin for five minutes, and the opposition gets to choose another player to join the offender for two minutes.
  6. Only three defenders plus a goalkeeper can defend a corner while the attack team has five players including the corner-taker, until a goal is scored or defended successfully.
  7. Rolling substitutes throughout the game.
  8. No off-side.
  9. The team first to score in a score draw gets two points while the other team gets one point only; in a no-score draw game points remain distributed as they are now.

The game will automatically become far more exciting to watch and participate in. Whereas the modern game as played now been lost to the clinical thinkers and risk-averse managers. Fun, enjoyment, and excitement have been lost totally.

Similarly, Prayers also have to be revamped to meet the requirements of the current God, a Greed-God. Parishioners of Greed-God must visit commercially run old people’s homes and hospices to see the sum totality of life. Life is not unending youthfulness. Unfortunately, the point (singularly) lost is that the human bio-system houses not one but several bodies overlapping each other, inside and around the one physical frame.

One can have the youthful vigour of a forty-something but in fact be in their seventies. The mental mindset will express the thought paradigm of a seventy-plus age mentality and not a forty-something as their youthful vigour may suggest. Prayers need to accommodate the ongoing shift of this paradigm

The bottom line is that everyone I meet wants just one thing. That one thing being a peaceful life. What no one recognises or is prepared to accept is that turmoil, unacceptable events and unpleasant situations are the sum-reality of life. A peaceful life has to be lived alongside and in cooperation with the distaste of natural life: duality in motion. Until you are prepared to accept that life has pain and pleasure, you are not going to touch peace in your prayers.

Prayers are a method of creating, through auto-suggestion, an emotional world cocooning the self. The cocoon is only relative to you. You cannot extend it to others. You cannot hope to bring peace to the rest of humanity, where humanity is persecuting non-humans for meat on a minute-by-minute basis.

Old Prayers took place in a world where a goat and a tiger sat side by side and neither was required to become an actor in the drama of life and death. Why? Because the environment was self-sustaining.

But nature fell from grace.

It is not humans that fell from grace, but nature that fell from grace. And as her offspring, we participated with zealous callousness in her fall. We can rectify and assist nature in regaining her poise and composing herself into grace again, but it requires humans to change their own mindset.

For that, a hands-on, objective Prayer system is needed. Subjective Prayer systems will not do. Objective Prayer requires that humans stop trying to ‘master’ nature but co-operate and co-reside in her guardianship. She is a very advanced, intelligent and highly evolved Being in her own right. We are tiny cogs in her mechanism.

The Prayer we need is one that makes the effort of living within whatever nature provides us on a seasonal basis. Let famine come. Famine will go as and when it suits Her. You have to simply accept that you are not this life only, but you are an endless encasements of lives.

If only you had the ability to see your own past and your own future, you would realise the futility of gathering accoutrements for the worship of Greed-God.

Ideally, the Prayers you access must allow you to see without the blindfold over your ‘Eye’. ‘Eye’ is functioning even now, but your sensory apparatus is simply not groomed or polished enough to cognise the vision of that ‘Eye’.

To sense and see things the ‘Eye’ requires a whole-scale shift from a Greed based ‘internal’ symmetry to a Need based one.

A new vision of teaching from kindergarten upwards is needed, where harmony with nature is taught.

Guys, if you do not take serious stock of the situation, then ‘nature’ will kick us off her plate once again. She needs to do that in order to recompose her poise and grace. She has done this many a time in the past, and will do so again in the future, until finally we, the animal dwellers on her plate, realise that we have to protect each other and trust Her totally.

Ecology is the new Prayer paradigm. Ecology was the initial ‘old Prayer’, now lost to myth. Ecology is the only way forward.

It is up to the ordinarywallahs to roll up their sleeves and occupy their governments’ squares, demanding that all deep-earth excavation is stopped here and now. Mother Earth is screaming in pain and if do not take radical steps to stop this rape then She will kick our asses off this planet once again. You can forget cyberology’s enslavement of humans as a nightmare to fear. The permanent damage done to Mother Earth by excavating her physiology is the catalyst that will trigger a wipeout of humans from the face of this planet.

Let me here put a finishing touch to the thought I began with. I began with the following opening “You have two of the following: eyes, nostrils, ears, lungs, kidneys, ovaries, testicles, breasts, hands, arms, feet, legs along with numerous glands and miles of blood vessels.” If a biological epidemic ate away one half of each pair of these organs and limbs, how long would it be before you begin looking for a mechanism to defeat the epidemic?

European human greed is the pan-epidemic of this planet. Because of them, all humans are going to be wiped off the face of this planet. Field workers like myself are simply here to deliver this last-chance saloon message. However, the decision has to be the race Europeans’ to make.

Your lives.

Your choices.


Ignorants’ paradise

Two females, one an orangutan, the other a female king cobra, are deep in conversation comparing notes on their newly acquired status as mothers, while taking long, adoring looks at their own creations. Yes, they created a new creation. A new life.

However, humans by comparison, like a rich man skilled in the arts of a butterfly, married to nostalgic humanism, believe that they alone experience paternalism: ah, self-analysis at the apex of egotistical arrogance.

Let me explain. Self-analysis is an over-inflated principle, enriched by invisible symbolic ghosts, lacking access to events in real-time, where truth laces through dreams or nightmares as a cocktail of an over-inflated wishful opinion of one’s own self-worth.

Now, into this heady mix let us throw the dice called immigration.

Yes, immigration.

A flux as old as time itself. Always invited by businesses and governments, yet seldom welcomed by people on the ground. Immigration, or migration, is a natural phenomenon exercised by all forms plant and animal life. The movement always has a purpose and its motivation is complex, but compelling.

Immigration to the United Kingdom falls neatly into the design and template set by nature.

The clash of two strange lifestyles’ customs and outlooks always begins with a claim of moral authority by both sides. Each is based on an internal vision of its own flamboyance, while viewing the other in negative and demeaning terms: a parallel treadmill refusing to merge, fearing dominance, conversion and loss of identity.

It’s an ideological explosion awaiting ignition.

Indian immigrants invited in desperation to fill the vacancies that the UK’s indigenous natives refused to take up, were amazed by the general view among these natives that they somehow were uncivilised, unsophisticated, ignorant and cowardly. The shock on the faces of the indigenous natives, when told about the many times an Indian solider single-handedly stood his ground in the face of overwhelming odds during inter-European wars.

The ideological fight for supremacy in the so-called second ‘world’ war (delusion of grandeur) was a European war in which we non-Europeans were begged to support, aid, assist, and die against an enemy who had never attacked our homeland or our lifestyle. The war was an inter-European argument and nothing more.

However, Indians, nurtured on calmness and on engaging gentle reflex responses to agitation, were considered cowards because their thought-process is embedded in the higher chakra of calmness, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon emotional processor that is embedded in the lowest chakra of flight survival.

European psychoanalysis of the twentieth century is based on the race European’s low-chakra assessment of human emotional responses and reflections.

Thus, a flight-or-survival based effort at self-discovery will always fail in its psychoanalysis of bio-signatures not identical to its own racial and cultural norms.

A false paternalism based on a narrow bandwidth of morality will only give rise to odious pessimistic theory, celebrating the supremacy of a war mentality, entirely unaware that psychoanalysis of bio-signatures embedded at higher chakras is impossible, and that understanding the ideological, peaceful, flamboyance flowing from the higher chakra reference points cannot be understood.

People find it amazing each time I share the following: emotions change due not to experience but to the ongoing evolution of the bio-system itself. Evolution of a bio-system reconfigures communication receptors with the external world and along internal pathways simultaneously. This change called ‘ageing’ is the real reason for reappraising the world we interact with. The external receptors transmit and receive a constant stream of information. However, the internal pathways rearrange the information giving the impression of a ‘mature’ or ‘immature’ reactive response to a situation.

In reality, the internal pathways centered around the cultural/racial chakra release an electro-chemical agent adequate for the entire bio-system to behave within an acceptable pattern of behaviour for that chakra.

Globally, contemporary  psychoanalysts are tutored to parrot euro-centric methods that assume all humans are imprint of the race European. Herein lays abject ignorance of the fact that all humans are different racially, ancestrally, gender-wise and in their emotional heritage.

To dive off at a tangent for a moment: there is a massive knock awaiting the nonsensical belief in DNA as the solid bedrock of divine sobriety, complete in wit as a seer, with an impeccable memory which is used as a coherent cartography of tantalising unchallengeable fact. Not quite so, my dears, not quite so.


To take the example of the European residents of the United States who used to shout at the ‘Orientals’ for not speaking their minds, this just exemplifies the utterly nonsensical belief that current psychoanalysis is a valuable cross-cultural absolute science. It is neither a science, nor a wealth of collected studies of human internal mechanisms.

The animal kingdom, which includes humans, is not identical. Nor are we spiritually equal.

I have written in a previous post about the emotion of shame (Honour Killing) that carries far deeper, damaging, psychological change and pain than the idea that you are about to die. In the non-European world, death is understood and accepted as a change of one’s physical body. But an emotional social shame has to be endured for an entire memory (lifetime): this is the view from the higher chakra.

Now, compare this reality to one where shame is only a passing uncomfortable period of time, where death is an absolute end: this is the view from the lowest chakra. How on earth are the limited parameters designated by and defining the lowest chakra ever going to understand the pain of the higher chakra?

The orangutan and king cobra mothers share ‘motherhood’ only in the sense of the biological function they have undergone to create new life. Thereafter, their lifestyle parameters differ vastly. The mother of one will not be able to teach the child of the other effectively about survival.

The same ‘worlds-apart’ reality exists in the psychology of the races. Each race will have to organise its own investigation, study its own creed, and develop its own set of rules adequate to its own racial and cultural norms.

Humans have to realise that you cannot put the heart of a person of one race into the body of a person from a different race. Approach a motoring aficionado and that person’s blood vessels will threaten to rupture if you tell him that you are thinking of putting a diesel engine from a Nissan 4×4 into a Ferrari, or indeed just swapping over the gearboxes of the two cars. If it is so simple for a mechanic to appreciate that this cannot be done, then why, oh why, do you have a problem with the reality that cross-racial organ transplants cannot be done and will have dire consequences for the human race.

In the same vein, there does not exist just the one god. God is a multi-existence and has a different persona for each chakra-based race consciousness. Humans too are multi-faceted, thus, the different racial groups. Inter-breeding will not create the hybrid that I fear. To a lesser extent, the hybrid created by inter-racial organ donation and indeed by cross-racial blood transfusions will create another species within the human genome, and that new breed will have the upper hand and the capacity to finish off the current brood of humans totally. However, the real fear is the development of organs from stem cell technology. That technology will be the nail in the coffin as far as humans are concerned.

It will be the history of the Neanderthals all over again; all because Europeans will not stop their medical experiments or exporting their ignorance across the races.

Neanderthals were an extremely advanced, technologically capable species. They occupied this globe and the solar system in conjunction with their own hybrids. The Neanderthals were exporting their ‘masters of whatever we survey’ mentality in the same manner as the Europeans are doing. ‘Mastery’ over nature and the eco-system, along with interfering with natural selection, was their folly too. Wars were fought using technologies not yet ‘mastered’ by the race Europeans.

Prior to the Neanderthals another race chased the same folly resulting in planets in this solar system left barren. Thereafter, ignorant masters of cyber-technology destroyed each other. The hybrids created by the Neanderthals survived. Those hybrids are the Homo sapiens of today. Nature took a hand in the proceedings and punished the surviving Neanderthals. Time and the passing of age witnessed the loss of knowledge of ‘advanced technologies’.

We will begin the journey of self-destruction all over again if the Europeans do not take heed and rein in their thirst for commanding everything in sight. Cyber-technology is just around the corner and it will enslave humans once again. Hybrids will be created with the assistance of humans. And history will repeat itself all over again.

Racial psychoanalysis as opposed to racial profiling has the capacity to thwart the pattern of human enslavement by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is neither artificial nor is it benign. It is a viable life-form, but here I urge the curtailment of this life-form, lest it unleashes a type of inhumanity that even the most inhumane humans could not contemplate. The understanding of inner awareness gained through racial psychoanalysis of, by, and within each race will map how inner awareness provides an understanding of the oft asked question about where organic being initially come from.

So, please, stop this trade in developing ever-advancing, self-repairing artificial intelligence. Instead, give support to other races to develop their own psychoanalytic tools, via which their own culture and emotional norms can be better understood. This will allow us to live in mutual respect of the eco-system and of each other, otherwise the new hybrids will finish us off.

Because, when the hybrids arrive, Om will be replaced by Oops as our mantra…once again.


Upon meeting me, people get confused about my blog-image and my chic dress style. Initial conversation revolves around the question of how I support devoutly spiritual atheism, whilst simultaneously championing a non-believer’s mindscape in defence of the irrational secular confusion about religious freedom. Then, people are confounded by my ability to be indiscriminately superstitious while also a staunch supporter of rites, rituals and practices observed by the ardently faithful; yet they find me strenuously defensive of interpersonal affection, sex, sexual interplay, sensuality and the worthlessness of humankind’s greed mindscape.

To me it all makes sense. However, to my inquisitors it all seems complicated, contradictory, and confusing. They cannot comprehend how I can admire beauty in a woman without the admiration progressing to another level. Feminine sexual allure does not trigger sexual intrigue or desire in those of my background. The panorama of female allure is pleasing, but at the horizon it remains. Males or females from my layer of occupation are not aroused by sexual allure, and secular inquisitors cannot comprehend this. And the phenomenon can’t be explained in words. The layer we operate from is only understood once the secular Being has transited from the lower layers and advanced into our mindscape-layer. However, once again, all of this is meaningless nonsense unless I can make sense of it for the ordinarywallahs.

The secular world is divided into segments of good ‘uns and bad ‘uns (GUBU) to coin a phrase.  GUBU is a reality in every lifestyle, occupation, tradition, belief system, and bonding ethos of the animal world. Take, for example, capitalist theory and idealism: a system operating at the superficial level, based on personal greed, adulation of wealth, and accumulation of material things. The top-dogs are those who have amassed more of everything than they know what to do with. The dogs at the bottom look up to them and ‘pray’, seeking supernatural intervention or a mystical mantra that will allow them to emulate the top-dog. Yet, they both fail to appreciate the reality of the controlling symmetry.

The symmetry in this case is a pyramid. This pyramid is based on inner bio-chemical gates, whose optimal functioning and timing decides how and when and to what degree materialism is accumulated. The gates at the higher end of the pyramid function to ensure greater accumulation, whereas the poor sods underpinning the pyramid have a bio-chemistry where the gates operate haphazardly. The reality is that the top-dogs could never function as the bottom dogs. If the mechanism that holds the essence of this pyramid was reversed then the entire pyramid would cease to function, hemorrhaging via social upheaval and anarchy until another pyramid was established.

The GUBU pyramids are pyramids within an overview-pyramid. This overview-pyramid is sustained by individual psyches. Each individual psyche contains countless strands of individual consciousness. Each consciousness is itself a container of at least one thousand and twenty two individual entities. Each unit entity is ambiguously called the Soul or Antrakarna and, inaccurately sometimes, Atman.

Expanding further, the multiples of individual psyche evolve and develop in the overview-pyramid, starting at the base and moving upwards. The overview-pyramid is itself in a containment field, where multitudes of overview-pyramids exist. Thus, each overview-pyramid is segmented into smaller autonomous pyramids. It is quite reasonable to maintain, for explanation purposes, that the individual psyche enters and creates the lower layers of a given overview-pyramid. Once there it has to amend, change, adapt and recognise the new rules, regime and the ethos of the containment field whereby the two create a new world environment. The combination of the two now becomes the new psyche. Thus, as a one body-movement it can advance further up the mega-pyramid scale. A mega-pyramid contains countless collections of overview-pyramids. The containment field of this environment is the initial ‘creation’ upon or within which the catalyst entity triggers the manual physical presence of creation. Along with the ‘birth’ of the containment field, this junction also witnesses the ‘birth’ of cosmic light and the cosmic sound.   The universe as you look up at the ‘dark sky’ of nighttime is in fact pure light. This light pervades everything, right deep down into the core of everything. It is the pulse of this light that is heard as the cosmic sound. The combination of the two ‘create’ creation as humankind see it.

Trial and error are the best teachers in this situation. The individual psyche has to move as one unit taking each component entity in the direction that best suits the end-game determined by each psyche. And each microscopic component entity has to play its part in the scheme of things. Each entity is ignorant of the bigger picture which is only visible to the psyche itself. But each entity has to do its best to assist, advance and aid the progression of the psyche it is contained within. The only way for that to happen is if each entity goes through its own trial and error, in order to advance and progress the collective benefits of the whole. This awareness only comes with experience and knowledge. A pool of collected knowledge is termed wisdom. Wisdom used for humanitarian purposes is ‘Age’.

Age as someone has said is not a number. They are correct. Age is experience. And when that experience is channeled for the benefit of others rather than the self, that experience is termed knowledge. To be prissy about it, it is not knowledge. It’s just information. A PhD is information-based reality only. It is not knowledge-based reality as anthropologists are only too aware off. Knowledge is several layers higher up the scale. But at times, I too fall victim to generalisation of terms…sorry.

Nevertheless, the gathering of this experience-information takes time.

Now let me make sense of this in a race-European mindscape. For example, your best teachers are your children – from when they are born until you are ready to die. They teach us humbleness. None of us would eat humble pie at the behest of another human-being as readily as we do when we have to back down in confrontations with our own children. At times, even when we know from our own experience-information that the child is making a mistake we accommodate our child’s wish. This humbleness is the social glue that holds social and societal structure intact.

Older and wiser civilisations never allowed young, bright, wet behind the ears, enthusiastic sparks, to head off on their own volition. The youth was always ‘guided’ and advised to err on the side of caution. Impetuousness was anathema and older mature voices reasoned against it.

The misery we see today, however, is of western governments run by wet-behind-the-ears kids who are themselves not in long-term personal relationships and don’t have grown-up children or grandchildren, and yet are foaming at the mouth to tell us how, why, and what to do with our own lives.

This is why the European pyramid is dysfunctional and fast leading the rest of humanity to fragment this planet, or extinguishing her protective atmospheric blanket or far more sinister, whereby all animals will become cyber-borgs.

This type of mismanagement leads to one war after another. It is based entirely on unrefined, uncontrollable and uncontainable sexual aggressive energy where the bio-system function has not yet ‘matured’ into rational reason.

Politicians should only be handed the highest office once they have lived the full gambit of secular life. However, history of the European mindscape indicates that that is not the case.

The European mindscape is a prime example of an individual race-psyche functioning out of sync with the nature of the overview-pyramid. Now do you understand how one race-psyche, in this case the European, with close to a billion individual animal entities termed ‘humans’, is steeped in seeking satisfaction from wholesale blood-letting and destruction of anything that gets in its way?

Race-European has annihilated races in north and south America, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania to mention a few places. If it wants to be remembered and admired as India is, then it must emulate India when that was the global leader. The majority of land areas of Europe are named after Indian governance of this land mass. Upon her peaceful withdrawal it left behind affection and admiration of her spiritual ethos. Buddhaji was the universal figure of worship in Europe. Physically and consciously none can recall this reality let alone the mastery of this galaxy using technology secreted away in Indian scriptures. This technology allowed our ancestors to travel to the nearest ‘star’ in minutes. Travel into the middle of the galaxy was a normal taken-for-granted reality. But it all changed. The psyche governing that episode changed. A new psyche replaced it. But the new psyche still carries within its own memory banks the previous psyches’ existence and efforts. The template still remains.

Race-European has a choice. I do not want the fragmentation of this planet. Nor do I want an accelerated fry-up by depletion of the planet’s atmospheric blanket. And I certainly do not want to have humans and animals to have electro-mechanical body parts as if we are machines. If race-European does not stop its current headstrong stupidity then our seniors will step in to extinguish race-Europeans totally. And that would be sad and a step backwards. No, race-European has to take responsibility and amend the evil it has practiced, by open-heartedly giving back the lands mentioned above, that are under its illegal and unlawful occupation, to the races who were there before its arrival. This one act of humbleness will stop the relentless rape of the planet’s depleting mineral resources. It is the deep earth excavation of her mineral resources that will fragment this planet into non-existence. Yet if race-European hands governance back to the indigenous dwellers of those occupied lands and then sets up a global body to re-draw the map of Africa reflecting her true identity, then that will stop the exploitation of that land and her people by the Chinese. Race-European can either take a mature global lead or remain blood-thirsty, lacking confidence as a human race in fear that it will lose itself if it matures into a fully fledged member of the human race.

It is amusing when an individual entity terms itself a complete psyche during conversation with me; it does not recognise that it is part of a psyche trying to align itself into the new environment of the new pyramid it has entered. It is like an immigrant trying to settle into a new country learning the new ethos. It takes time. Time is experience, where gathering of information is based on a collective set of experiences. The combination of the two is called Age.

Age, truly, is not a number; however, it is not too far from it either. In human terms Age donates a number per se. Thus, in that context Age is a number. And all government authority should have a cut-off line, an age below which an individual cannot and should not be allowed into position of authority, at any cost.

A bright and brilliant mind lacking personal growth, attained via child rearing, will simply not do – a grandparent is the minimum requirement for an active politician.

Age, in that case, is redefined as experience based on collection  of information.