1984 Sikh Genocide; 30,000 killed

Sikh genocide of 1984, the third in their history, has its roots in the age when ‘Indians’ retreated home, from their global occupation when their empire imploded. Time of this return is lost in antiquity. However, names, languages, syntax and grammar are still evident in Europe, America, Australia and all over Africa. Interestingly, once solar travel has become normal then evidence will shock how ‘humans’ had occupied the solar system and the penny will drop that we in fact originate from deep within this galaxy, and then another superlative truth will emerge. Of course, Indians were not called ‘Indians’ in that bygone age and language. They were called Arya – Noble.

However, the Arya were not the top most evolved humans then, nor are they now. In the evolution of inner awakening it is accepted that the highest seat is automatically reserved for those who have been programmed for excellence. The shocking discovery awaiting humanity is that the deeper and darker one’s skin pigment, the higher the status ‘programmed awakening’ one is capable of.

Dark skin is an absolute necessity. That one organ is the precise receiver of refined awakening. Inner awakening is absorbed through the skin. The dark skin of the Aborigines or of the original Africans is the catalyst that automatically places a person high up in the scheme of things.

However, two opposing things cannot happen in the human world. You cannot ride two horses in the opposite direction. Either you excel in materialism like the Arya, or you excel at inner understanding. If you automatically excel at inner understanding then you will be a victim of the materialists.

The Indians and Chinese are trapped between two worlds. One world seduces them with materialism, and the other seduces them with divine recognition. Caught in between and living in the intermediate space, these humans’ history ebbs and flows between two shores. And currently, we are in the process of another attempt by the intermediate world to try to balance and maintain control of the two opposite realities. However, as in the past, this will fail miserable. While some from that environment will progress into the full pigment world, and gain a deeper understanding of divinity. Once there they will remain constant victims of both the intermediate world and the junior world.

Lower than the intermediate, even lower than the junior order, is the subordinate world order. The subordinate world order is an environment that is dichotomy in comprehension. For, it is also the buffer ‘holding’ area where those awaiting exit from this iron ore, into a higher orb-environment in the galaxy, are ‘housed’ awaiting their exit into an environment that is no longer an imprisonment of oxygen-air mix of this orb.

Those races that do not have any definable skin pigment occupy the junior world.

It is seldom explained, and certainly neither accepted nor understood, that inner awareness is very dependent on the darkness of one’s skin pigment. Yes, of course, ‘teachers’ emanate from the intermediate world; however, their responsibility is to teach the masses, giving pointers, usually misinterpreted.

Regrettably, racial ignorance overwhelms the message, and we end up with wars and mutilations. Sikh genocide 1984 is the ongoing turmoil of that world. Nevertheless, we can still try to examine the hows and whys in the vain hope of learning a lesson.

But first two other important factors need to be shared for a better understanding of actions and subsequent reactions. I will use three examples. The Austro-Hungarian Empire. This empire included Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then the Ottoman Empire, or to give its original name Uţmān, whose final collapse formed the new Turkey, the Balkan and the current Middle East States. Interestingly ISIS is fighting to reestablish the Uţmān State, thereby extinguishing the anomaly of the current Middle East countries. The third example is the Mohenjo-daro and Harappa area, currently in Pakistan, but which existed westward towards Tehran.

These three areas have generated more human brutality than most of the other areas globally. The reason for this is that land mass has a concentrated energy ebbing and flowing from deep earth. This energy has nothing at all to do with the earth lay-lines. Deep earth energy floats over the surface in a contour manner, easing its potency as it moves upwards into the atmosphere. Countering its presence is the solar system energy. This energy, also layered in a contour formation has a conflict within itself. The majority arrives from the sun, but countering that is the pulsating energy from the main planets of the solar system. It was the exact understanding of this solar system energy that allowed accurate prediction of how a person born at a particular point on the planet at a particular time would develop: the source of original astrology. Of course, current astrology has no notion of deep earth energy, nor how its contours are positioned or structured. Nor does it have accurate information about how solar system energy interacts with earth energy. Instead, they take a punt, and make vague assessments of what may happen and when.

Ok, now let me make sense of some of this before we can peel away how the combination of these energies, intersects and influences human decision-making, and how that impacted on events culminating in the Sikh genocide of 1984.

About four miles from where I live in London is a roundabout, with one equally large roundabout to the north and south. The traffic flows north and south, but at each junction it has east-west routes also. The middle roundabout is about half a mile south of one roundabout and about two hundred yards north of the other. This middle roundabout, especially on a Saturday, usually erupts in clashes involving drivers making their way along the north-south route. Yet at the other two roundabouts the same drivers allow each other safe passage. Additionally, at certain times of the year road rage intensifies at the middle roundabout. And two times of the month the same happens, but to a lesser degree.


Because the flow of solar and planetary energy has a conflict with deep earth energy at this very point. Anger and needless arguments flare up in ordinary people. Men and women react violently. More accidents occur here than at the other two roundabouts. More deaths occur here than at the other two.

When you transpose this phenomenon onto the three empires I alluded to above it will become clear empires ebb and flow in those areas, and why they suffer more wars and bloodshed than other regions.

Into this mix we have to add the genetic makeup of the humans living around or within those areas. Human genetic makeup also predisposes them to either violence or docile co-existence.

Muslims from Pakistan, and westwards towards the Middle East are hostile. We assume it is because of Islam. Yet in south India, the Muslims happily coexist with their Hindu neighbours without any conflict.


Because their genetics differ from those of the north-west region of South Asia. They share the same faith but are calm docile and peaceful. The Christians of south India are equally docile, and not blood-thirsty like their European counterparts.

I have seen south Indians living for generations in north India, their genetic makeup makes them relatively non-reactive whereas the north Indians express anger, and then rage. So, genetics is the trump card to a certain degree, when faced with planetary, solar energy and deep earth energy conflict.

For I have met Sikhs from south India who are in fact docile and laid back in comparison with their Panjabi brethren. In this instance, the planetary, solar energy and the deep earth energy conflict has a calmer effect on their genetic behaviour. It is with that background information in mind that we need to examine the conflict in Panjab.

Now into this mixture we have to examine the interplay of human mischief, arrogance, and stupidity. Before I go on, I need to clarify what we mean by stupid. We define stupid as those who know very little but assume that having read three to five books on a subject that they are masters thereof. We, from our position, refer to them as stupid.


The Berlin wall was still intact. The world was divided into two camps, the Soviets Union and the West. India favoured the Soviets as an immediate counter to communist China. So, the United States favoured Pakistan in turn.


China marched into India in the early 60s and Indian Foreign Minister (and later Prime Minister) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru begged the United States for immediate assistance. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had naively ring-fenced his country as a non-aligned non-aggressive state. India was defenseless. Nehru, in his simple mind, thought now that finally the aggressive race European was rooted out, this would allow South Asia, and Far East Asia to co-exist with mutual respect, dignity and not mimic race-European aggression and domination.

And this is the man whose negotiation skills made sure India gave away an integral part of its country to form Pakistan. Not having learned his lesson then – as his next great mark as a world leader – he went on to make his country totally defenseless. Had Nehru been a genuine craftsman of his chosen profession, a true Statesman, he would have made sure a Sikh country, Panjab, was equally established, since the Sikhs would automatically counter Muslim designs on India in the future.

But Nehru was a Hindu. And mired, in the traditional Hindu conceit and cunning, he thought that two birds in the bush are better than one in the hand. Regrettably, this typical Hindu cunning is still practiced in India, with people, undermining each other, like petty thieves, and anyone else who comes their way. Had India supported the formation of Panjab as an independent country as Britain had done with Israel, while allowing the formation of Pakistan, it can be argued China would not have marched into India as it had done in the 60’s.


Because the Sikhs of Panjab would have made sure they were armed to the teeth for any combat against them, and by default against India. And, a Sikh country would to this day have protected India without a second thought. The arming of independent Panjab, as Pakistan would have been armed, would have forced a genuine Statesman to arm India as well.

Unfortunately, having bedded Lady Mountbatten, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru considered himself bit of a ladies man, a jack-the-lad, a wide boy, whose chat-up line would have been a sentence from one of the books of antiquity he was so famous for reading. However, a Statesman he certainly was not. His autobiography, and historians’ work on him presents him as someone who looked down on his own people, since they had not read Shakespeare and could not communicate in English; someone who had an over-inflated opinion of his own cunning mind, excelling in the north Hindu art of manipulation, double-speak, while considering himself to be learned. The reams of work Nehru wrote are plagiarisations, work of others and his books are forever quoting others. Yes, granted, he regurgitated information that placed old India at the forefront of numerous technological discoveries, but is there anything innovative that he, and he alone, brought to the attention of the masses?

Certainly not.

So, in Nehru, we have a village idiot who parrot read English literature. And in his hands lay India’s future. A Holy Bovine negotiating at an abattoir.

It is in his design, and that of another protagonist, Mahatma Gandhi, that we find the smoldering embers that ignited the Sikh genocide of 1984.

Nehru along with Mahatma Gandhi, is entirely responsible for the genocide of Sikhs from 31st October to 4th November 1984, when 30,000 Sikhs from all over north India were burnt to death using tyres doused in fuel. Sikh women were gang-raped. Male children along with their fathers were burned alive. The police disarmed the Sikhs assuring them of their safe passage, then allowed the baying mob to lynch them, cut the bodies, scalp their hair and set on fire living person. Mobs were organised at the highest political level. The Sikhs were caught unprepared, defenseless, utterly outnumbered. It was akin to a computer game massacre.

The United Nations, by its own definition formally recognises the massacre of 30,000 Sikhs as genocide.

Now let us put some meat on the bones.

The the ordinary man in the streets of South Asia needs to bring a class action suit against the English Bar for giving substandard students like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mohan Das Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) and Jawaharlal Nehru accreditation for passing their Bar examination. The fact remains that these three, as had been the tradition in South Asia and the United Kingdom were part of a system that allowed financial donations and political expediency to blur the exacting requirements needed to pass exams. One can argue that it appears that elite and rich families, as in the case of two of the three, ‘bought’ their sons’ passes in the Bar examination.

In the case of Pandit Nehru and Mohan Das Gandhi, if they were representing you today in a car accident where the other driver was totally at fault, these two would tell you the best deal on offer is that you buy the other guy a brand new car in the vain hope that one day he would return the gesture. This was the exacting height of these two lawyers. They confused theosophy with political reality. And South Asians to this day are paying the price.

In my time among the British, I too as a young teenager was mesmerised by the British. Then, under tutelage to His Holiness, I was astounded how He tore strips off the academic English elite. Initially I was shocked, but as I entered my late teens and had responsibility bestowed on me, I too had to master the art of tearing strips off the English educated elite. His Holiness’s group was fashioned only to include the well-educated and deep thinkers. The one things that has remained with me to this day is the sheer ‘stupidity’ of the English and Race-European.

I need to share this point because the South Asians are forever blaming the cunning deceit of the British elite for masterminding the split of India. As in Middle East, the French and British act of genuine management rearranged the landmass into Syria, Lebanon etc into what we have today in an attempt to control the Ottoman Empire, only to give life to ISIS. I do not call that genius at work but ‘stupid’ and short-sightedness. Europe has redrawn its maps numerous times, only to have the same regions under different names and kingdoms erupt to cause carnage throughout Europe. No, they did not and to this day they do not have the grey matter required to have mastered the agenda. The British are at best over apologetic for nature’s cruel manifestation. For example, if they see a dog that is lame in one leg they would fashion a splinter, attach it to the limb allowing the dog to use all four limbs. Whereas the Indians would have empathy with the dog, but announce it karmic, and walk on by.

Now let’s take this over-the-top apology for nature and use another example to illustrate the dangers of trying to correct nature.

The British and the Japanese are admired for their formal gardens. No one realises that these formal gardens are punishment isolation cells in which the poor locomotive-less plants are arbitrarily planted to please the gardener’s eye.

It was only when I had mastered the ESP ability to hear nature in dialogue, that I rationalised that nature too has misgivings, ambitions and fears in precisely the same manner as humans. Foliage ‘talk’ to each other in their natural environment. They too want and desire companionship of their own choosing.

Let me explain.

If alien science contrived humans to be remodeled with two facing hands on one wrist, eyes in the back as well as the side of the head, and a set of feet facing backwards, would you be grateful for that manipulation? Then if all men were segregated by race, height, and girth and set in concrete in all kinds of weather, would you be grateful?

Guys, formal gardens are an abuse to the homogeny of the plant environment.

In the same manner, autumn is admired as a beautiful scene when in fact those of my ability actual hear plant life dying and crying in their painful death. Humans will not understand the plant pain of death until science has developed a tool that allows two-way communication between species.

So to say that the British masterminded the split of India is over praising their masterly intelligence. The British are like all the odds and sods of humans globally, about as dumb as are we all humans.

No, the fault of India’s split lies fairly and squarely with the three incompetent amigos – Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mohan Das Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) and Jawaharlal Nehru. Their followers did not have the gall or the guts to tell them they were wrong in concocting the split.

If Pandit Nehru or Mohan Das Gandhi had been Sikhs instead of the confusion that is Hinduism, they would have stood their ground seeking an armed conflict, but never considered the split of their beloved country.

Add to this their double cunning, specifically their oath to the Sikhs that they would be given their own country once the British were ‘kicked’ out underpins the agony of Sikhs.

It is this false promise, a prime example of a Hindu promise, the duplicity of Hindu nature, that was behind the massacre of the Sikhs in 1984.

Race Europeans are one thing and nothing else. They are mischievously evil in their deliberations. The political fact is that the late 1970s witnessed the spooks (the secret service) of Israel, Britain, and the United States formally attempt to deflect Arab, and global Muslim, anger away from Palestine by agitating for war between Pakistan and India by igniting, and encouraging the Sikhs to rebel and seek their own statehood. Pakistan was encouraged to fuel Sikh separate nationhood. The Sikhs took one diplomatic discourse amongst many to assume that the west was indicating and aiding them, via Pakistan, to seek their own homeland. At the very high level of diplomacy that I by sheer default was privy to at that time an option was discussed which somehow leaked out as if it were the intended actual option. Indian diplomats heard the rumour mill and though it to be factual. They reported to Indra Gandhi their findings, and the Indian political elite panicked.

I, and a handful, explained to the Sikhs that Panjab lies (to this day) divided between Pakistan and India. That we were being ‘mugged’, as our historical and ancestral want lies in two places simultaneously. We would need to fight both countries to recover our homeland. But, misery endured at Hindu hands since independence washed away facts, and Sikh, lambs to slaughter, held the belief that the British were honest and honourable, just like the Sikh themselves…how sad.

In South Asia, one misread diplomatic message led to others being misconstrued. On one hand, Pakistan taunted that if Kashmir was not ‘given’ independence then it would agitate Indian states from the north-east region all the way to the Sikh state in the west to seek independence. Indra Gandhi, who was a dictator in all but name, had lost her only trusted aid, her son, mysteriously killed in an aircraft accident, and she had no one to trust who was not a ‘yes’ man to her. She was helpless And like all confused people, she repeatedly masterminded one operation after another against her kith and kin. In Panjab she formally tried bartering with a basically educated, a sincere down-to-earth honest man in Bhindranwale. Her negotiators used the usual Hindu double speak. He like all honest sincere Sikhs felt insulted and betrayed. He like the majority of global Sikhs, lived in the yester-years of Sikh armed conflict. He like the global Sikhs, did not recognise that the historical Sikhs they admired had formal military and strategy training. They forget that each human is a brave heart and is martial to a limited degree; that without seasoned, practical military training and strategy training, they are all just sitting targets.

So, a confused elderly woman, well past her youthful charm and vigour, clamoured for her youth by challenging the Sikh Bhindranwale who was throwing empty threats from behind the walled holy complex of Harmander Sahib (Golden temple).

That old woman, totally isolated in her position of power, devoid of factual dialogue to aid her decisions, mocked by Pakistan as a result of the mess her father and the great Mahatma Gandhi left that region in, attacked Harmander Sahib.

One thing can be said of Sikhs: they do not sit and regret. They take action to balance, punish, and reestablish their sense of honest fair play.

Indra Gandhi’s death, as well as that of some of the main protagonists, who were her aides, was a foregone conclusion. Globally, no Sikh was going to rest until as many of those involved had been killed.

However, the question remains why did the Sikhs not kill her at the first opportunity? Her guards, especially the two Sikh ones had ample opportunity to gun her down well before her actual assassination. Why did they not avail themselves of that opportunity?

To understand this anomaly I need to return to the decade prior to 1984.

Indra Gandhi was a confused person. On one hand, she vehemently opposed imperial occupation and domination. In that stance, she had the full backing of the Arab countries as well as of all non-aligned nations. African nations looked up to her at times. However, she had the singular mindset of a lonely individual. She lacked a husband, a partner, a companion with whom she could exchange her decisions. Like Margaret Thatcher, who lacked a husband who could and should have given an input into her decisions but did not, and who miscalculated the Falklands issue resulting in all out war, Indra Gandhi antagonized the Arabs by openly supporting the existence of Israel. Additionally, her ‘Hindu cunning’ had her labeled as ‘that witch who suckers anyone who deals with her’, as observed openly by president Richard Nixon and many leaders of the western countries.

Gandhi led her army into several confrontations with her own populations in the north-east region, be they communists or separatists. She wholly supported first the agitation and then the full war in Sri Lanka; and in the civil war between east Pakistan and west Pakistan, the internal affair of an independent country, she openly supported and later participated in east Pakistan’s desire to break away and seek independence from west Pakistan. This resulted in a full American fleet rushing to the Bay of Bengal. The reaction of all Far East Asians countries and as well of that of China was anti Indra Gandhi for supporting a division of a nation. She openly supported the Vietcong. The African nations turned against her also as did all the Arab nations. The woman was a loose cannon. Unpredictable and irrational. Politically she had to be removed.

The west wanted her eliminated, but Gandhi assassination needed the right catalyst and timing. So it began stoking the fires of Sikh agitation for independence after the formation of Bangladesh. The Sikhs were well and truly set up by the west.

Her Sikh bodyguards had ample time to kill Gandhi but chose not to take their opportunities. When the assassination did occur and details released Peter Ustinov who was present at the scene waiting to film an interview with Indra Gandhi contradicted the official version to his dying days.

Sikhs need to re-evaluate the assassination of Indra Gandhi and consider whether they have not been made the scapegoats in this event.

Yes, there are Sikhs who seek a legal redress against the genocide. Other Sikhs voice arguments in formal debate and dialogue. The real Sikhs will not rest until certain remaining protagonists have been killed. However, restraining them is the knowledge that there is a very strange reality connect to Sikhs. History details that their enemies have in time all disappeared leaving not a single off spring behind.

As an old-fashioned Sikh, I watch the drama and wonder if India would not be better off as a set of independent countries with a unified defence force, a single currency and a collective foreign policy. Then at least we may be able to coexist and not feel a sense of subjugation.

The reality is that the haves will always take advantage of the have-nots, but at least the abusers are one’s own kith and kin. However, when the abuser is different in race and religion, then the pain is emotionally worse and deeper.

Although I mentioned the deep past, but the current machinations have their roots in the forty-five years leading up to Indian independence in 1947 culminated in the Sikh genocide of 1984. I wholly blame the three amigos, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mohan Das Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) and Jawaharlal Nehru for the ongoing mess that has beset my ancestral home land.

And in examining the ancestry of the main protagonists we note that they all trace their lineage to the very crucible of the north-west region of South Asia. I wonder, had all the three main players in this drama been south Indians would they have negotiated away their own homeland whereby religion would fester an ongoing thirst for killing never to be quenched.

And in the same way I worry about the area of the Balkans in Europe and wait with concern how this time Europeans are going to create another killing fields.

Man we learn one thing from history never learns from history.

To Sikhs I say: a Sikh is defined not by his kingdom, but by the eloquence of his deeds, which are themselves Sikh.

A Sikh is an analyser, scrutinizer and improver of whatever is placed before him.