Humility & New Age

This is an abridged version of a speech I gave to a group of self applauding New Age seekers.

Globally, New Age groups, manned by well intentioned individuals have an over-inflated ambition to save and protect both humanity and nature, and simultaneously find personal enlightenment.

I am going to begin with humanity, which will automatically lead to nature and then basic casual indications towards enlightenment. An observation: neither humanity nor nature need protecting. Enlightenment is a separate matter.

When we unplug and examine humanity we realise that it is a template that cannot be tampered with nor manipulated.

When I relentlessly I challenge race European to change their business practices of extraction and exploitation of deep earth minerals, all I am expressing is the responsibility I have been charged with. But I at no time have the authority to raise more than verbal objections via explanations to the greedy-God-parishioner-businesses to amend their rape of the planet.

If in this current template’s parameters, earth’s occupants have to be scalped and its surface skinned, then that is what will happen. If the practice of mineral exploitation and rape of deep earth is the current earth-mantra of and for nature then configuration exploitation by race Europeans is just and mandatory.

Of course, yes, it is acceptable to register objection to vile rape and destruction, and extraction of the minerals which are in fact limbs and organs of this planet. And, yes, New Age parishioners should express and register their inner concern about the obvious Frankenstein mutilation of this planet. But they have to appreciate that humanity has been wiped out many times before and will continue to be wiped out in each of its subsequent lop-sided manifestations.

Thus, it is not humanity that needs saving. If anything it is you as the individual who may need saving from your own over-inflated opinion of your self. It is your own self-worth that you need to examine and reorganise. You are responsible only for your own evolution.

But what is your evolution?

Your evolution is deep slavery and the poetry of the understanding that you are the Soul (atman/atma cannot be explained in words or thought. It is a paradigm either understood from birth or not). Soul is antrakarna (pronounced untre-karna and not anti-karna). Antrakarna is the sound/light (communicative) environment-based resonance on how each organ and cell of the inner body functions and co-operates with all the other organs and connective mechanisms that allows a bio-system to function.

Of course, during death the very same mechanism functions at its then optimum best. Although we humans  deem a body’s locomotive inability to mean death, even while we lack ‘measurable’ parameters that can be deemed as life, the body is not dead. It still houses and retains its experience banks – for extraction and exploitation.

It only takes another technological stage for the dead to talk as if still living and communicating. Cremation is the only solution to stop exploitation of information and knowledge that creation deems has reached its sell-by date.

It is for this very reason the ancient seers always burned their written work. Not just that, they went further and destroyed their centres of learning prior to their death. If those advanced seers did not and do not to this day take themselves seriously then why, oh why, do you the New Age group construe yourself as the ‘protectors’ of humanity and nature, or consider that you and you alone are programmed to attain enlightenment?

Now here I have to balance my own argument. The fact is that as the template allows the exploitation of earth, you, the New Agers are programmed by the very same template to register your stance against such exploitation and in defence of humanity and nature.

The fact of the matter is that you are mis-reading your own intuitive impulses. If a gun is given to a solider and he is brainwashed to believe that he is a protector, does that then allow him to intimidate and threaten his own mother’s neighbourhood with that gun? No, it does not.

Your intuitive impulse is meant only for you to come to terms with your own failings. But you see yourself as the greater You. The greater You is nature and, by default, humanity. However, you are respectful of the violence meted out by a predator stalking prey in nature. Why is it that you assume the psychological damage suffered in fear of death by mutilation and slow suffocation is somehow natural and acceptable?

In the same manner, the rape, mutilation, physical and psychological violence suffered and endured by mother earth is equally natural. If I had the physical means to stop violence in nature, rest assured that I would champion that cause. In fact, the tiger temple in Thailand teaches that violence is not needed to fill the stomach of predators. Zoos teach us not the evil they do to the psychology of incarcerated animals, but, that these animals’ diet could be amended not to include the flesh of fellow living beings. Similarly, they also teach us that if ample food was made available then prey need not fear predator.

The responsibility of the New Age is to develop technology circumventing the use of deep earth mineral and resources.

Your responsibility as a New Age seeker is to formulate by exploring ideas of ‘non-industrial’ dwellers, how to formulate schemes to sustain their lifestyle, protect nature and support dwellers of local jungles.

The New Age has to garner and harvest a better way to challenge the industrial might and greed of the western empire, and undercut it through the development of technology harmonious to nature and local people.

But to attain this simple awakening, humility has to to be acquired. In all my years of dealing with the New Age, I find arrogance, selfishness, egotistical dictates and patronisation are their actual calling card.

It is the very same selfishness they are kicking against in society that they themselves harbour in their dealing within their own group and in their ‘pure’ teaching of the East and the ancients.

The first lesson you need to learn is to assimilate your own psyche to humbleness. Do you as men of your group bow down and touch the feet of the females of your group? Never.

Do you as men bow down to touch the feet of the women who cook and are maternal in their instincts? No, never.

Do you as men remove your shoes and bow down to touch them with your forehead? No, never.

Humility begins at home. You are your own home. You need to practice humility on a daily basis when you meet one who is older than yourself, especially a woman. Can You?

Without humility and humbleness, I am sorry but you cannot be given the directions for enlightenment. And enlightenment is the want of everybody I meet. Yet not a single one is willing to practice it unreservedly.

Humbleness is the first lesson. Fail that and you obstruct your own progress. Guys. I personally know how difficult this lesson and its training is. Yes, of course, I can now throw my weight around, but ask me if I ever do? No, I have no need.

Since 1988, my family and I have been on the UK terrorist register for having the gall to protect ourselves from racial violence. Yet in all the time since then and since all the wicked evilness we have gone through, and are still going through, I never wish to harm my opponents.


Because the law of natural equilibrium means that a steady stream of unnatural death among police and security personnel takes place. Their expensive machinery is regularly destroyed, resulting in more deaths. Then there are those who suffer from illnesses and diseases at an acute level. Emotional violence has increased in their personal lives. And this misery, at minimum, will automatically run through to their third generation. In punishing my family and me, they are punishing their own great grand children. Furthermore, the punishment is not only restricted nor limited to disease, but has another sting in its tail. Yet, I have not wished any of this on them. Nature does it all by herself.

The New Age has to understand that you, the nonviolent, are always protected. While you and your opponent may die, that is where your subsequent lives differ. They home into bio-frames automatically diseased, while you gain life in families and bio-frames plagued by lesser disease.

The question New Age has to ask itself is the following. Do you want to harness the pool of disease energy generated by hatred or by humility? Both will generate disease, but one will be far more virulent and potent while the other will only suffer mild versions of the same.

Yours choice.