Police brutality: history & updates

PART II: Financial fraud by racially corrupt bent coppers (17 June 2016)


(* Corruption and bent coppers have created the clarion call of terrorism, defrauding the Exchequer, the Crown, and the People, by claiming that even the shadows of leaves on trees are terrorists.)


Police Federation of England and Wales
Federation House
Highbury Drive
Surrey KT22 7UY
+44 (0)1372 352000

Police Federation of Scotland*
5 Woodside Place
Glasgow G3 7QF
+44 (0)3003030027
(* included here because the Scottish police go into hyper drive each time I visit there.)

Home Secretary: Rt Hon Theresa May MP
+44 (0)207219 5206

Chancellor of Exchequer: Rt Hon George Osborne MP
+44 (0) 207219 8214

Prime Minister: Rt Hon David Cameron
https://email.number10 – this takes you to the email contact form online

Leader of the Opposition: Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP

Deputy Leader of the Opposition: Rt Hon Tom Watson MP

Leader of Scottish Parliament: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon MSP


Dear Sir

The annual bill for conducting surveillance on my family = ₤827,694

30 year bill for conducting surveillance on my family = ₤24,830,820

Further to my last open letter to you, can you please explain the financial expenditure given above.


IF YOU CANNOT, THEN THAT MEANS YOU HAVE CONDUCTED FINANCIAL FRAUD on top of being Racially Corrupt and Bent Coppers.

Below, the figure is broken down using government figures, police website figures and commercial costs available on UK-based service provider websites. (Note: all figures are in GBP)

Helicopter surveillance

A helicopter circles above the family home three times a week, often at night; it is manned by two pilots and a crew member, and is equipped with heat-seeking instruments (including V2K devices) to locate and monitor our movement

Item Based on… Weekly cost Monthly cost Annual cost
Helicopter Hire @ ₤2,600p.h 7,800 33,540 405,600
2 pilots Salary @ 50,000 p.a. each 165 708 8,580
Additional crew Salary of 45,000 p.a. 74 319 3,848
TOTAL 8,039 34,567 418,028

Costs based on figures currently advertised on the internet:
– commercial flight including fuel and maintenance costs, with one pilot: 2,600 p.h.
– commercial pilot salary: 50k-100k p.a.
– commercial crew member salary: 45k-65k p.a.
– surveillance instruments and devices: unknown
– communicating, updating, reviewing surveillance: unknown
Weekly surveillance cost calculation based on 35hr working week

On-the-ground police surveillance

Based on our experience of 9 different teams tracking car for up to one hour each, 5 days per week

Item Based on… Weekly cost Monthly cost Annual cost
9 squad cars Cost of 35k each 315,000
Car fuel Fuel cost of 7.50 p.h. 3,375 14,512 17,550
9 x 2 police Salary of 30k p.a. each 1,483 6,379 77,116
TOTAL 4,858 20,891 409,666

Costs based on the police recruitment website:
– police officer salary: 25k p.a. average (based on starting salary of19k p.a. rising to 35k p.a. after 7 years)
– squad car: 35k-110k (maintenance costs unknown)
– mileage: 7.50 p.h. based on annual mileage of 40-90k, 25mpg at 6.00 per gallon
Weekly surveillance cost calculation based on 35hr working week

At a conservative total, excluding costs associated with surveillance equipment, surveillance coordination, paperwork, office-based hours, surveillance carried out in more than one town, and on more than two family members….

The annual bill for conducting surveillance on my family = 827,694

30 year bill for conducting surveillance on my family = 24,830,820

Surveillance costs rise when you account for multi-town surveillance, multi-country surveillance, and surveillance carried out separately on additional family members.

Surveillance costs rise even further when you add the cost of MI5 and MI6 plus the numerous plain cloth spotters, and use of fraud investigators from various UK government agencies simultaneously to support the bent coppers.

Now, I want the general public to ask their MPs to justify these surveillance costs.

Bear in mind that all this surveillance achieves nothing.

All it does is provide opportunities for non-Anglo Saxons to develop and refine counter-surveillance measures that effectively make it impossible for the Police Federations to find a corpse in a graveyard.


At the time of writing, my family and I are under yet another fraud investigation – it’s our 25th in 30 years; the first one lasted 7yrs and at a tribunal hearing the various government agencies involved admitted that they’d made everything up*; thereafter we’ve had 1-2 fraud investigations against us every year.

(*Simultaneously, we took the police to court for beating and false imprisonment, which ended with their submitting a written apology.)

Various government agencies are working together to avenge the embarrassment that my exposes are causing the UK police federations and security services.

At this rate, the UK police and security forces will have no choice but to murder me.


An old Panjabi saying is that even if it costs you your life, leave your handprint on the other’s face when you slap them, for the effects of that handprint will resonate for centuries afterwards.

You robbed an old-fashioned Sikh, an old-fashioned Sikh warrior, of a decent life for himself and his family.

After 30 years of your torture, I have raised my pen and wiped the floor with you.

You asked for it.
You wouldn’t let me live a normal life.
You earned the slap, you earned the imprint of my hand on your face – let the repercussions commence.

I did not ask for this fight.
You brought it to my door.
You did so because of your race European lack of self-esteem and lack of humanity.

Corruption and bent coppers have created the carrion call of terrorism, defrauding the Exchequer, the Crown, and the People, by claiming that even the shadows of leaves on trees are terrorists.

I challenge the UK police force to line up 1,000 bona fide terrorist individuals. Each of them will be revealed to be simply frustrated people suffering from mental torture caused by you. You’ve tried to work your magic on me too, the same way.

But I’m different.
I have the privilege of humbleness to back me up.
Humbleness has power.

As you live up your bent and fraudulent existences, think on this power, think on this legacy that your actions have unleashed: that your loved ones, generation after generation, will suffer from one of the six diseases that most frighten man; that they will beg for death to come and take them; and that death will demur… and my death will not stop this.

You messed with me because of my turban and Sikh imagery.
All I wanted was a peaceful life.
But a psychopathic race cannot understand the value of humbleness or peace.

Now, do you have the courage to actually share the date and time of my murder, or like the cowards, liars, and race-haters you are, will you do this out of the blue, and then lie through the back of your teeth proclaiming your innocence?

Financially fraudulent
Racially Corrupt
Bent Coppers
– a fitting epitaph for the UK’s police and surveillance agencies.


(The old Sikh war cry is apt here: ‘Bhole So Nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal’.)


PART I: Racially corrupt and bent coppers (28 May 2016)


Police Federation of England and Wales

Federation House
Highbury Drive
KT22 7UY

+44 (0)1372 352000


Dear Sir,

On your website http://www.polfed.org, under Aims & Objectives, you list a host of magnanimous claims. Pray, tell me, how does the abuse and illegal use of your police powers that I detail below align with the pack of lies you claim are your Aims & Objectives? For you are either racially corrupt bent coppers or your ambitious claims on that website are a pack of lies.

In 1988, police officers connected with the Rotary Club UK placed me on the terrorist register. They did so at the behest of former Rotary Club President Mr Legg, and his wife, who was a former General Secretary of the all England Rotary Club. Mr Legg arranged to have me put on the register by his Rotary Club police connections, following a dispute over planning extension which they lost.

Since 1988, I, along with members of my family – including a then very young teenage girl and her older sibling, have been on the terrorist register.

If I am a terrorist, then why has the police force in the UK not arrested me?

The simple reason is this: I am not a terrorist; and there is no evidence that I am one.

So, instead of arresting me, which they cannot do, because it is abundantly clear for all to see that I am not a terrorist, the police harass me, placed me under surveillance, and have thus far made three attempts on my life. They are able to do so by virtue of the fact that I am on the terrorist register; which, as I have explained, is the result of a vendetta by neighbours dating back almost thirty years.

This means that every Anglo-Saxon police officer who has worked, or is working, for this country’s police federations since 1988 is A RACIALLY CORRUPT AND BENT COPPER.

Your officers pass my image and that of my family members to each outlet we visit, be it commercial or private. They then secure from these outlets details of what we did, whom we contacted, met and spoke with, and what the content of our discussion was. They also force the outlets to release CCTV footage and images to them – all under threat of being charged with terrorist acts or acts supporting terrorism, if the outlets do not comply.

Here are details of just some of the actions your RACIALLY BENT AND CORRUPT COPPERS have taken against me since 1988.

You placed surveillance devices in my house, and put videos gained from surveillance videos on the web of a child of the house having a bath.
You tapped our phones, both landline and mobiles. Our letters are constantly tampered with and opened.

Our home computers are compromised, our internet access limited. You have tried to kill me (and anyone with me) on three occasions.

You forced the Indian police force to harass me and put me under surveillance. They responded apologetically when confronted about this, assuring me that I was a harmless senior citizen, but that they were under orders from the UK. Asked if they would put a bullet in my head if the British police force told them to do so, the response was an apologetic shrug of the shoulders, with the words, ‘Sir, they pay us…’.

You colluded with, or requested, the Canadian police force to harass me and put me under surveillance when we visited there in 2015. In the course of a driving trip through the Rockies, we hoped to stay in hotels in the towns along our route. Increasingly this became difficult and then impossible. Despite vacancy signs being lit up, and the fact that we were assured by a lot of Canadians and had read online that our visit was in a low-season and that accommodation would not be a problem, in one particular town nobody would give us rooms. They continued taking bookings from other parties, but all turned us away.

At one hotel, we were eventually allowed to use the internet to seek accommodation, and when we did find a place the hotel manager looked surprised, took the booking details from us and came back with relief flooding his face – the hotel had made an error, there was in fact no room at the inn. Knowing we had literally no place to rest in the town, that the day was drawing to a close, the manager begrudgingly let us use the internet in order to book accommodation elsewhere, some ninety miles drive away, while constantly telling us that we had no right to be taking up resources meant for his guests.
Eventually reaching the hotel after dark, the staff member refused to concede that a booking had been made. Only upon threats of legal action did the booking details miraculously appear. It was then that the duty manager told us, in front of three witnesses, that Canadian immigration had demanded that the duty manager get in touch if we turned up and pass on details of everything we did and said. The demand would have been issued to all hoteliers in the areas we were expected to move around in, and they would prefer not to get involved, so they had all told us there were no rooms available.

At the subsequent two hotels where we managed to book accommodation, surprised in fact that we were able to do so, we were treated with hostility by plainclothes, undercover police officers. They were armed, and their body language was shoot-to-kill, ask questions later. This is what the honesty of the duty manager from the previous night had done; under your initial instructions/requests to harass us, the Canadian immigration was now taking things a step further. We were under threat of death, my family and I, and we were feeling the pressure. I spoke with the hotel manager, told him our side of the story, knowing that our meeting was being listened in to. He was shocked, having clearly only been told one side of the story, and when I emerged from that meeting, the undercover cops had visibly let their guard down. They were looking embarrassed and ashamed. The human side of suffering had been exposed. They regrouped, however, and soon we were under threat again.

Prior to departing for Vancouver, I was sexually assaulted at Heathrow by a white tattoed worker, a racist through-and-through (I know from my long citizenship here all about such people and can spot them a mile off). He was having a field day, knowing he could make my life a misery, under the guise of security. So, first he tried to remove my turban; I removed his hands. Then he used the wand to frisk my turban, and finding nothing, his search got more aggressive. Each pat down was an assault. Then as a final assault, a final show of his security powers, he put two fingers deep into my trousers and touched me sexually. I lodged a formal complaint then; I followed it up when I returned from Vancouver. The police here claimed to have only blurry images of the event which they said failed to support my allegation.

Not only did your officers put me on the terrorist register almost thirty years ago at the behest of connections in the Rotary Club, you are still operating on this basis today. Less than three weeks ago, I had an exchange with the ex head of DGIA, who I understand has asked the police to pursue an investigation against me and to arrest me on any charges they can possibly muster. So, not only are you a private boys’ club; you’re a private army for hire… well beyond the remit of being just racially corrupt and bent coppers. Does the Home Office know about your moonlighting? How much do you get paid for this private work? It is income you declare for tax purposes? Or is it all under-the-table payments.
I am one person. Yet, out of 125,000 police officers working three shifts, often in twos or threes, covering England and Wales, you have enough manpower to cross my path 3-9 times during each outing I make.

On top of that, is the money you spend on helicopter surveillance always exactly above my house – you happily spend this money, while knowing that I am not and never have been a terrorist or security threat, and then you go crying to the Home Secretary about lack of policing funds. Why? So that your racially corrupt and bent coppers can emotionally threaten and abuse other ordinary citizens of this country, just because you can?

Which section of the Aims & Objectives on your website allows you to carry out personal, racial-hatred based vendettas?

You call yourselves the best police force in the world. No. You are as racially corrupt and bent as every other police force in every other country.

So now, once again, I ask you to prove in court that I am a terrorist. You can’t. Yet you continue to have me and my family on the terrorist register, and to use that as a basis for your abuse of us.

There is only one possible conclusion: YOU ARE A RACIALLY CORRUPT AND BENT COPPER.

Yours faithfully



“Terrorist” targeting – an inventory of an ordinary Sikh family being targeted as terrorists since 1988

  • Family attacked by neighbours in 1988 and asked for police protection
    • No police arrived during the attack; when they did arrive, family told to leave the country and go back to where they came from
    • Local MP (Chiswick/Hounslow) approached to hold the police to account; a Sri Lankan with strong Asian voice, he was given a runaround.
    • Chiswick police take matter seriously only when the MP’s English secretary intervenes
  • Attacks/vandalism against family and its property continues for years
    • Each incident reported to police to no avail
    • President of local Rotary Club (and neighbour) spearheads coordination of attacks
    • Rotary club influences its police members to put family under surveillance as terrorists
  • Surveillance devices placed in family home, cars, landline telephone and later each family member’s mobile phones
    • Marked police cars – and plainclothes police officers – cross family’s path many times, everywhere they travel
  • Police break into family home and beat up the two family members present (pretext for break-in is that family is presumed dead)
    • Police sued for false imprisonment
  • The two victims of police brutality (the eldest members of the family) are forced to sign-on with the DSS due to the trauma of their experience, making them physically and psychologically unfit to work; they experience ongoing trauma and nightmares, scared to leave the house; and they receive counselling
  • DSS/police/local council launch fraud investigation to compound the family’s ongoing misery and make their life hell
    • Asian shopkeepers are threatened with having their books scrutinised if they don’t inform on the family’s purchases
    • Family is ostracized by community as a result of police indication that it is under serious fraud investigation
    • told to inform on family purchase or have their books scrutinized.
      • By this stage, two family members are on suicide-watch and require constant care and support
    • Family told that movement in every room in the house is being broadcast over internet, including bathrooms – suicide attempts by two family members ensue
    • A family member is hospitalized after a suicide attempt
  • Local council, at behest of fraud investigators, demand non-existent (thus, illegal) rates payment
    • Rate fraud case goes to tribunal
    • Fraud investigators fail to produce a shred of evidence
    • Fraud investigators admit they have fabricated claims against the family
    • Police approached in order to investigate and bring charges against fraud department – Hounslow police fail to action
    • Local Government Ombudsman writes to Hounslow Council (during rate fraud case) to be careful what they say, as the family is asking too many questions
    • Leader of Hounslow Council warns family to desist from complaining about council’s investigations on pain of that person personally instructing the council’s solicitors to begin legal action against the family, in order to tie family up in red tape, and lead them into bankruptcy and losing their home. Another councillor is witness to this threat
  • Family successfully sues police for beating (seven years after the event and simultaneous with council rates fraud case)
  • Upon police and council being successfully sued, surveillance on family intensifies
    • Regardless of where they travel, to whichever far flung parts of the British Isles, family is tailed/harassed by constant police presence and the implied threat behind it
    • Helicopters hover immediately over family home for up to half an hour at night, between 10pm and 4am, at least thrice weekly (stopped for few months straight after a family member called LBC radio station to let them hear the piercing shrill of the hovering helicopter; short-term stop also when a local building crane was put up)
    • Helicopters circle above car when police tails have lost sight of the car  – apparent because helicopters only appear during those times when police visibility/tailing is low
  • At a time agreed upon for police to visit family to discuss race-based activity of local police (incident: police fail to take action against a white neighbour blocking in the family car twice, but threaten non-white owner of a car that later does the same), plainclothes police officers arrive and arrest family member for alleged rape
    • One week after arrest and release, family member is stopped by same police officers on road and asked if they have any further complaints to make
    • Rape charge dropped on 1st April
      • Some months later, at 5.30am, police knock on house door, expressing snide concern (on part of English female officer) and genuine concern (on part of the Asian female officer) about whether a family member’s 750cc motorbike had been stolen – nobody in family had even thought it was stolen, and even if it were: a pre-dawn police visit puts the hoped-for frighteners on entire family
      • Police surveillance continues unabated
    • Upon losing family target in middle of Hounslow High Street and being confronted by family member, a WPC announces with a smirk and a wink to her colleagues that she can easily deal with this person
    • Twice-weekly visits to Charing Cross Hospital see one unmarked police car vacating a bay for the family to park in, with another unmarked vehicle parked adjacent with a mature-aged woman keeping an eye on the family member who remains in the car while the others go in for treatment; each visit, eye contact is made by a plainclothes officer walking past the parked family car
    • One week prior to general election, family is gripped with fear of being shot at by police, as visibility and intensity of surveillance has increased markedly, and usually low-key eye-contact by officers is more blatant and more disturbing, and behaviour is markedly more aggressive
    • Family contacts IPC, and  official at local MP’s office, expressing their fear – the attack is called off
  • Targeting of family by gun-toting police officers on numerous occasions
    • Including once, police car with siren blaring pulls in next to family car and officers bare their guns – all three family members present in car are terrified and expect to be shot at there and then
      • Police invite bribery, suggesting that donation of >2000GBP to police benefit fund will result in easier life for family – family members refuse to cooperate
      • Police attempt to entrap family as terrorists, offering guns and bomb-making equipment – family members refuse all such offers


Police harassment details hand-delivered to Parliament to the following MPs and posted to persons connected with policing & crime (further to email of the same sent to them and initially to Mary Macleod on 11th December 2012): Seema Malhotra, Virendra Sharma, John McDonnell, Fabian Hamilton, Sir Peter Bottomley, Jeermy Corbyn, Mark Durkan, Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime, John Johnson & Anthony Jackson (London Assembly). 

NO RESPONSES RECEIVED (except from Virendra Sharma)

SINCE PUBLICATION: Response from John McDonnell, who wrote to say that he had forwarded this information to my MP, Mary McLeod, who to date has neither responded nor done anything in relation to my submissions.


I and my family have been victims of police harassment since 1988. We have been beaten up by the police in our own home (a case settled out of court by the police, and for which we were paid compensation); we’ve had guns pulled on us after daring to complain about continued harassment; and we have had our lives and equilibrium shattered by constant police surveillance.

As of today, we are absolutely petrified of being killed by the police. We are in a state of psychological terror and we are pleading for your help.

You are all, except MOPAC, sponsors of the Kesri Lehar petition presented to 10 Downing Street – you are standing to demand an end to state brutality and torture in India, and for that we commend you. But we ask that you look closer to home… and stand up against state oppression here in the UK.

I have emailed and spoken with the office of the my local MP, Mary Macleod today – to no avail. Her office is hiding behind a flimsy excuse of not receiving our communications (the background to our terror sent in 2011, resent late November upon request, and a request for help following today’s scary incidents), even though we have received automated responses to each email.


1. We found the family car unlocked – the alarm system overriden – and items strewn across the floor of the car.

2. We opened the locked garage in which the other family car is kept parked, only to find that it had been moved and re-parked in a totally different way  – if like me you have idiosyncratic ways of doing things, for example the way I part this car, the position of the driver’s seat etc, you will understand immediately how noticeable are any minor changes.

3. We returned to the 2nd car after running an errand this afternoon and I noticed a pool of liquid right by the driver’s door that hadn’t been there when I parked the car. Thinking nothing of it, I drove off with my older sister in the passenger’s seat. When I had to engage the brakes properly my foot slid off the pedal and almost caused us to have a fatal accident: the pool of liquid that had appeared ‘mysteriously’ by the driver’s door while I was away from the car was oil; it transferred to my shoe and caused my foot to slide of the brakes. As I say, a fatal accident awaited us.

None of these things taken separately or together is a coincidence. There were items in (1) that ought to have been stolen; in (2) the car was moved just enough for us to notice – it’s a classic car, so any run-of-the-mill thief would have stolen it; in (3) we were issued with a direct threat to our lives – who but professionals engaged in trying to tip you over the edge, and yes, kill you, will leave a pool of oil in the 5 minutes that you’re away from your car?!

Our lives are being ruined. And we honestly fear for our lives. We urge you to read the background to the harassment we have suffered, which is below, and to help us.



In what I say below, and continue to detail in my accompanying letter, I must stress that I have the best interests of this country at heart: I have lived here for almost 50 years and have been able to avail myself of the opportunities this country offers. But what I cannot and will not condone is the blinkered arrogance of the UK, especially at a time when the only responsible stance and attitude is one that entails our being globally responsible citizens.

The purpose of the accompanying letter is to detail the chilling reality of state oppression based on my first-hand experience, particularly the insidious role of the police force in contorting reality to fulfill its own agenda and hold the people and government of this country to ransom; and how this all ties in with the “war on terror” to destroy peoples lives.

An insightful backdrop to this personal history of state and police oppression is provided by current events in the UK, namely, the nationwide riots taking place since Friday 8 August.

Police coordination of “mindless” violence gripping the UK

  • Contrary to the verbiage spouted by news channels and politicians, these events are not the work of mindless thugs, but are in fact carefully orchestrated by the state police and other national security apparatus’.
  • The police force is using carefully coordinated violence and the image of “mindless thugs” to garner public support for its own opposition to Government’s funding cuts policy, in order that its members can maintain their jobs and safeguard their pensions. In a similar way, as I detail in my accompanying letter, the police force has manipulated and inflated the threat of “terrorism” to hold the country to ransom and demand ever-spiralling funding for the so-called “war on terror” – a war that comprises bullying non-white youths and inciting their hatred of state authority, and terrorizing ‘image terrorists’ (explained in further detail below).
  • As the Tottenham police chief admitted on live television, the police have plainclothes officers on the ground, amidst the rioters; and as a news correspondent reported from Brixton, one of the “mindless thugs” – until then unanimously agreed by the media and the public to comprise solely Afro-Caribbean youths – was found under his balaclava to be a well-to-do looking white man! It doesn’t stretch incredulity to suppose that he was in fact a member of the plainclothes police brigade, whose job on the ground is to incite the will to violence among disaffected and ill-disciplined youth.

State denigration of cultural practices that create discipline and respect

  • Discipline – as well as the collective memory of disenfranchisement from events some 20-30 years ago that acts a spur to collective action among the Afro-Caribbean community – is a key element of what is happening on our streets currently.
  • I enclose a letter I wrote and addressed to the then Prime Minister, John Major, some 15 years ago. In this, I clearly detailed how the state’s emasculation of the immigrant Afro-Caribbean community since the 1950s – particularly with respect to disintegrating the cultural mores and practices of its inherently matriarchal society, such that they were forcibly made to stop disciplining their children, teaching them right from wrong and how to be model citizens – would come to bite back and endanger society in the long-term.
  • If we see lawlessness among Afro-Caribbean youths (and those of the white “indigenous” race) this week, and disrespect for people and their property, then the fault lies with the state: when a parent is prevented on pain of criminality from disciplining their child, when a teacher is prevented from consolidating lessons of discipline in the classroom, then it is little wonder that youths roam fearless
  • We have all remarked on the apparent fearlessness of this week’s rioters: they know that they cannot be brought to task in any effective way. Of course, they also know that they have little to lose even if they are tackled, because the label of criminality attached to them precedes their actions this week, so in effect they are merely living up to the stereotype created for them.

State trades in false and misleading epithets such a “rebuilding communities” 

  • Talk of “rebuilding’ communities is laughable to the socially excluded and deprived: such community has never been a reality for them, so what exactly is the state going to “rebuild”? We learned how useless the epithet of reunification was after the Berlin Wall came down: a country that had long since been reconfigured was not capable of returning to a previous existence. Tottenham and other areas cannot simply be rebuilt – lessons have to be learned from history first!

Mark Duggan’s murder last week provided a trigger for disaffected Afro-Caribbean youth to riot; it was a flashpoint for violence that cannot be discarded as mindless but as symptomatic of a wider malaise, and it has escalated at the behest and express control of the police force, who manipulated events and emotions to their own end.

The only difference since the three Muslim men were murdered in Birmingham on the night of 9 August is that the Asian community at large has kept its anger in check, and has therefore failed to go the way the police would wish. Without Asian incitement to violence, the police cannot very well coordinate more riots to help drive home their point: safeguarding their jobs and pensions; throwing money into the bottomless pit of the “war on terror” that they then use as a cover to terrorise immigrant communities in the UK.



My life’s vocation has been dedication to inner development and the pursuit of divine awareness: an arena beyond the tradition of introspection that ordinarily passes for religious duty, and which, in the West is mistakenly and haughtily labelled a ‘spiritual lifestyle’. The ethos and ethics of the world I emanate from are beyond the accepted parameters of religious and spiritual dogma.

This extremely high level of inner development comes with inbuilt and automatic protections and safeguards, whereby our opponents’ hatred is repulsed and bounces back onto them and their loved ones. In Anglo-Saxon terms: what goes around, comes around; the distinction here being that we have no need to reciprocate our opponents’ hatred. Rather their hatred energy rebounds on to them and future generations of their nearest and dearest as part of an independent defence mechanism safeguarding the spiritually advanced.

Truth be told, the same safeguards are there for ordinary everyday people to harness, though it is admittedly more difficult to access if you aren’t dedicated to the search for the inner self.

Within such a world of self-searching, their untrimmed facial hair and turbans identify the just, the pious, and the humanitarians. They adorn themselves in this manner not merely to signify the sanctity of hair (as part of what might for present purposes be called spiritual development), but to announce their own privileged attainment within this exalted sphere, and to render visible to all their obligation to uphold the rights of the weak, vulnerable and dispossessed through whatever means necessary. The primary ethos of those adorned with untrimmed facial hair and turbans remains – in what may appear to the untrained eye to be a contradiction, but is explicitly not so – that of living a peaceful, harmonious life with creation, without exploitation or deceit.


Since 1988, my turbaned, full-bearded image has been stripped of its superior significance and the obligations and commitments embedded within that. Thanks to the UK police force and security institutions, my image has been branded as that of a ‘terrorist’ for more than twenty years. In targeting me in this way – and rendering my life a living hell – the people involved in my daily persecution since 1988 have had their hate repulsed, affecting them and their loved ones.

The lessons are simple: hate me, and you harm yourself; and the harm your hate causes will reverberate through generations of your own loved ones. So, better to leave me and other ‘image terrorists’ who happen to ever-so-conveniently fit the bill of a largely bogus ‘war on terror’ in peace, and reap the same for yourselves.

Faking terrorism

Wherever I go, a minimum of five to ten police patrol cars cross my path: that’s 5-10 ‘terrorist’ sightings clocked up in following just one man! And because my turban and untrimmed beard make me a poster-boy for the face of terrorism among the UK’s security institutions, my every movement becomes an instance of observable terrorist activity!

The greater my area of movement, the greater the terrorist threat according to the UK police force. Multiply this by the multitudes of other turban-wearing men with untrimmed beards who are being similarly scrutinised and tailed, and terrorist activity in the UK goes through the roof. Such at least is what the UK police force would have us all believe. The depth and extent of the police’s manipulation and corruption is that it registers its activities against law-abiding citizens like myself and other male Sikhs as part of the necessary ‘war on terror’ and uses this to defraud the nation and relieve its coffers for ever-spiralling anti-terrorist costs.

Ploughing money into putting more uniformed police on the streets, by the way, is categorically not making any of us feel safer – not just those branded as ‘image terrorists’, but the wider non-white public knows that the greater the number of police, the more frequent is the level of abuse they are going to suffer at the hands of the boys in blue!

Even if we forget for one moment that the police is almost universally feared as an abuser of power and people, that in mounting invasive surveillance against me and others who fit a fictitious image of terrorism they are trampling on the civil liberties and human rights of law-abiding citizens… forgetting all that, one ineluctable fact remains: the police force and security institutions of this country are manufacturing and fabricating the real extent of terrorism to line its own pockets.

If such practices were exposed anywhere in the non-western world, the UK would be declaiming that police force as fraudulent and corrupt. Why, then, when recent events have already highlighted the UK police force’s corruption pertaining to phone-hacking etc, are we afraid of admitting quite how deep the well of corruption flows? It is because the ‘war on terror’ is somehow sacrosanct? Or because the ‘war on terror’ is being strategically advanced by virtue of following me everywhere? Or because it fills a need – that of maintaining the West’s stuttering economic and political cohesion, to the exclusion of the world’s mature superpowers, such as China, Japan, India?


For more than twenty years, the UK police force has systematically, maliciously and heinously used me as a terrorist target practice.

  • Four times, I was in fear of being gunned down by police officers
  • Once, the police actually pulled their guns on me and my family
  • On three occasions, the police have tried to set me up as an armed terrorist by entrapment
  • The police have masterminded and supported various other government departments in labelling me and my family members as fraudsters,  investigating us and shutting doors in our faces whatever venture we attempt to get off the ground
  • The police systematically use commercial outlets’ CCTV systems to track us and to brief those outlets that we are under fraud investigation and have their security staff closely follow our every move

I have been ‘invited’ by a police officer to pay in excess of 2000GBP into a police benefit fund in exchange for that officer doing what they can to maybe make my life a little easier – and all that that implies!

In addition to being followed when we’re out of the house, the family home is littered, we’ve been told, with surveillance devices to pick up my and my family’s every move even when we haven’t dared to venture out.


Now, after 23 years of inhumane treatment at the hands of the UK police force, in which other of the country’s security institutions and government departments are severely implicated, I am no longer prepared to sit back quietly and let these institutions and the individuals within them have their fun.

I call on those involved to either take the next step – which after all the abuse I’ve suffered logically leads means arrest or a convenient disappearance – or leave me and other innocent ‘image terrorists’, being used to line the pockets of a corrupt police force, be.

Postscript 1: Creating future terrorist targets

In Spring 2011, in the alleyway between Starbucks and McDonalds in Hounslow High Street, three police officers (one female, two male) looking worked up and exhibiting threatening behaviour cornered a couple of Asian boys who looked to be in their early-mid teens (one of them a Sikh). Courtesy of local CCTV cameras, which are used in abundance to pick out ‘image terrorists’ like myself, the officers were alerted to my approaching presence and backed away from threatening the boys until they were sure I had passed by. Turning back, I saw the boys being pushed further back into a recess in the wall – a sheltered doorway or similar – by the police officers and being searched.

Upon their release, I approached the boys, as befits a concerned adult male. Their experience of intimidation emerged: these two had been involved in the usual after-school boys’ banter before being descended upon by the police and subjected to swearing, threatening behaviour and intimidation. The boys said such targeting by the police was becoming a common almost everyday occurrence, and that it was beginning to incite their anger, to the point where they are prepared to forsake their safety and tell police officers where to get off – where before they would have turned the other cheek and held their anger in check.

As the Asian youth become increasingly disaffected by their inhumane treatment at the hands of the UK police force, they will take a stand rather than assimilate in the way that had been imagined. The police will have a basis for increasing their bogus gallery of terrorists upon which bogus claims of heightened terrorist activity are made, and which they in turn use to incite emotional support for the ‘war on terror’ and siphon ever-increasing funds into the hands of the police for this purpose.

If this doesn’t smack of police corruption, what does!

This is one of so many examples of how – and with what frequency and calculated manipulation – the police in this country are setting out to incite the younger generation of Asians and create new terrorist targets for them to intimidate and use as examples of why they need more funding for the so-called ‘war on terror’. Police officers aren’t employed to harass and intimidate the country’s citizens – but this is exactly what they do, and there is no comeback.

It is pointless stating that victims of police brutality, in whatever form it is experienced, need to report it: people know only too well that the moment a report is lodged their lives will be made hell by the police. We expose other countries for such disgusting and illegal abuse by their security forces – why not our own?!

Postscript 2 – Assimilation

The two Asian schoolboys noted above, who were cornered and intimidated by the Hounslow police, are fast succumbing to the chant of assimilation repeated ad nauseam by the UK state. What does such assimilation amount to, in practice? For non-Europeans it means giving up the mitre of culturally mature responses to the provocation meted out by aggressors and oppressors, in favour of an attitude founded on self-conceit, aggression, arrogance and a predilection for mindless violence amongst other things.

Blind desire for assimilation will be your – the UK, but also Europe’s – downfall. Let there be no mistake about this. It doesn’t stop at wanting people to speak English, to be English (whatever ‘Englishness’ means!), to adapt to European customs of dress and cuisine or to notions of individual ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’.

In desiring assimilation, you will be responsible for reconfiguring the world for total, all-out war. Assimilation ultimately spells destruction of the European world.

How so? Because, the very basis of assimilation is about internalising another’s mindset and attitude: becoming the Other. In anthropological jargon, it is signified as ‘going native’ and this very colonial of disciplines rightly warns against such tendencies. Nowhere is such warning more appropriate than when we consider the consequences of non-Europeans ‘going native’, that is, becoming Europeans.

The legacy of the European mindset and attitude is that of violence, murder and oppression: from annihilation of other races in the territories of North and South America, Australia, New Zealand among others, to dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to liberal and extensive use of Agent Orange against countries and peoples that you weren’t even at war against, to wading in and waging war against states whose leaders you suddenly have no more use for, in the ostensible name of democracy (the sort of democracy that results in weekly reports of UN troops killing the ordinary people of Iraq and Libya, who just happened to step into the path of ‘democracy’ and straight into the firing line whilst on their way to work, to the market).

Assimilation will see the non-Europeans of the world become European in all but pigment, and the violence and oppression that underlies your childish and destructive superiority complex will be used against you by these same people – not in the name of asserting their superiority, but in order to secure respect for what they will still see as their own culture, their own identity, for the non-European sensibilities in them that assimilation will never quite manage to strangle. It’s a recipe for an all-out and engulfing War of the Races – and let’s face it, European conduct and aggression in various parts of the world already amounts to war against non-European races. The point of assimilation is that it will bring that war back to your doorstep.

Better, perhaps, to advance notions of pluralism (albeit, in a more contemporary format than it existed during colonialism): allow each their space, use the lessons of the recent past to disassemble the idea and ideology of the ethnic nation and create and celebrate truly multi-ethnic states. Ofcourse, such a mature approach will logically require that the dominant position on immigration be reversed: truly, multi-ethnic, mutually respectful societies understand that immigration is a mutually beneficial contract… if Europe is not prepared to admit what it gets out of immigration, then maybe it should herewith remove its expatriate communities!



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