In meditation each tries to preserve their physical frame. They use precious energy preoccupied with health, maintaining the physical frame designed to fail and decay. Time spent chasing a mirage.


O meditators, seekers of truth, why do you slave feeding your passion? Meditate, but use not that prize maintaining the obstacle, your bodily senses in its puerile blind authority.


O avtar, how do you explain the inner awakening is not about maintaining the physical, rather it is a detachment from its limited boundaries.


Explain to them, and like those before you, you too will fail, avtar, that Thou O creator are life, a life unceasing, not limited to the physical bondage, here today gone tomorrow.



The night makes love to your mind when in deep sleep. Daylight seduces it all over again.

You nod your head in understanding, but understand you do not.

Meditation is complex. It is aggressive in pacifism. An awareness whose virility and potency arising from passive concentration produces clarity.

Once you have entered, and are merged in Peace, others will sense and partake its softness. The odd few try to emulate it.

Peace, like meditation, cannot be taught.

Through meditation you touch You.

Mud, deep below in the water, hidden from light, is the beginning of a Lotus.

Realisation begins when you discard wisdom.


For all the stars in cosmos, I still need lamplight in my room.

The oil lamp looks at the stars and aims to outlive them all.

The power of dead words require detachment to release their hold.

Death has mesmerising music to it too. Thus it creeps upon you like a friend and not a foe.

My heart wants to play with my Heart.

This planet has unseen Light in its heart.

We are all Light. Only, blind to the very Light.

Light powers a hurricane. Light powers the gentle breeze.

We lack trust, thus we feel oppressed. Once awake we shall be free.

Trust is the key.

“Who is there to give birth to life?” asked a dying mother. “I, when I grow up” answered her young daughter.

Plucking your hair does not amass beauty in your hands.

Peaceful demeanor has great power to influence an embryo in the womb.

The awakened walk with lowered heads. The un-awakened head high stroll.

The awakened are materially poor.

A female dog suckled a lions cub. Tomorrows hunger? How will the drama unfold?

Morning dew finds cobwebs too. Spiders, do they drink water?

Pleasure’s shadow hides pain. But do we care? Hell, no, we enjoy one and suffer the other. Gladly? Certainly not.

Todays worry still in reign. Tomorrow’s cuckoo comes home to roost.

Thoughts exfoliate Mind, deeming Mind needs it.

If you could silence thoughts, the ‘chattering class’, you find peace.

If you think you are independent, you haven’t been born yet

You exist in space; time is an illusion

Questions are the answers, answers are the question

We learn one thing from history: that we learn nothing from history

We cannot lie standing up

The wise cannot see, nor know anything, nor understand. The fool sees all, knows all, understands all

Wisdom has no beginning

Happiness like fear is internal. Change yourself internally and reality changes

Always do good to others: Let them spend their venom hurting you.

You just drink the pain; never complain, instead do more good in exchange

Events force you into appreciation of what you had, when you valued it not

Money does not make you rich, wealthy or satisfied; only peace of mind does that

Life after death cannot be returned from; death cannot be visited until it is the right time for you

Life is a factual reality; Life after Death a fanciful idea

Problems are there because of your ego, ignorance, false attachment and pride

Humbleness is the key

Humbleness won’t drive away a problem; Humbleness won’t respond to the presence of a problem; Your response to a problem must always be humble

A moment is just that – a moment; it is not permanent

Truth is transitory, never permanent. That is why truth is truth: a perception that changes, because change is the only constancy

People change. That is a reality. Change is truth

Age changes life.That is a truth

Right does not demand a Wrong; Wrong does not demand a Right…

Perception creates these false binarisms

Life is Just… Simply Just… Neither right nor wrong

Your parents, like you, are growing up too

Don’t let your wealth be looked after by another: Take care of your parents as they did you in your infancy

How you treat your parents is how life will treat you

Selfishness begets selfishness, if not this lifetime then the next

Selfish parents beget selfish children The cycle is endless

Love – the emotional illusion

Sex is an illusion

If love was a universal standard, life would be so much easier

Set time now for that special moment; make each day a special occasion

Peace is an occasion always ignored

The most precious gift I can give is my companionship

Listen little to people’s words, but pay full attention to their behaviour

Superiority and nobility are confused by people

Noble people shun the desire of superiority

Fools fall in love. Fools stay in love. Fools fall out of love

A letter comes in an envelope; the envelope is not the letter. Thus, companionship of one person through a life is termed Love. Love is not a relationship. Love is an entire life lived with one companion

Good, bad, nastiness and fulfillment are facets of love

Love has degrees too. Find a companion that matches your degree of a vision of life

Love is not permanent happiness

Love cannot be defined, as it changes all the time –another truth

There is not a You and Me in love. There is no You or Me after love.

Love is You and Me. Love is togetherness

Love bends you to change, and you don’t even notice the process – only the ignorant blame the other person for their own change That is the paradox of love

Calmness is the final destination Peace is the path to it

Peace the path leads to Calmness the destination

The torch seldom sees the light it emits

Humaneness is as simple as a mountain is flat

The moment, the first step, the journey. When I find where they lead I’ll share it with you

Pious Humans are like Bees. Their produce is enjoyed by others

Reputation and characters are strangers

Life finds Death Death does not find life

People who know you and recognise you are the ones who steal your inner beauty

Humbleness and Greatness hand in hand do not go

Smile Just smile

Life is like walking in a murky river. You never know the lay of the river bed

Honesty wins hearts

If women did not exist, men could not be born

A blade of grass in the backyard does not know the great forest

If you know everything You are self taught

Before studying everyone is knowledgeable

Once educated you recognise your ignorance

To find drinking water, go to a spring

If you do good things, life will still happen to you

Remain unyielding to find hatred

A wise person shares not all its wisdom

Tigers live in caves

Fly in two planes at once and you’ll remain stranded

Defeat and desperation have an ally: Hope

Adversity builds character, really? Tell that to the wake of a tornado

Don’t let your misgivings eat your autumn

Always finish an argument with peace tea

Imagination is to dream as old age is to youth

Past is memories Future is a dream Present is simply ignored

Choices shape history

Happiness and anguish are children of the heart. Be forgiving

Wisdom and Age are strangers who occasionally have a chat

Every mind is an Empire

A hungry lion cares not that you are a vegetarian or not

Mind the heart. Mind the soul. Mind the love. Mind the pain. Mind the happiness

Heart cannot see Eyes cannot feel. Emotion changes the thought.

Mind gets the blame

Liberty is to slavery what duty is to sex. Ask any women

Freedom of speech or expression is hated by sexually inadequate

Controlling others is the sign of sexual inadequacy

When explanations no longer work, give a key to the front door to your child and expect nothing in return

Your child is your greatest teacher

The best answer is always the question
An affair. Are they two fairs meeting and then parting?

A person who has no ego has no regrets. Though many liars fain ‘no regret’

Regrets are a sign of an ego

You are a custodian, a guardian, not an owner of life. So no regrets

If a man cuts off your arms Pray no one cuts off his arms

Domination or arrogance is a disease of the heart

Poets are ephemeral: Philosophers are angels

Teachers should come and go A replacement should stand for change, and not DNA the past

Guru recognises devotees clamour for liberation from bondage of devotion. Whereas the Lower Order Sadhu expects to be feted and adorned no matter the auspicious hour has passed by

In nature, scarcity creates excellence Excess degrades it to mediocrity

A mind set in conviction no longer reflects thoughts of the moment

A mind that suffers an eclipse, loses life

Sikhs seek dictator leading with Hypnosis: Where one ideal leaves to be replaced with a different formula

Fear induced; tied to religious scriptures the superstitious and subordinate people deprived of information are bound ever tighter like a victim of python

Unquestionable religious obedience equals superstition

Unquestionable religious obedience, like grass, is easily managed

I would rather lose an argument than start a war

Haters hate because that is all they know

My silence, calmness and kindness are there because I am neither weak nor arrogant


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