Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi & Bilawal Bhutto Zardari


Mayflies as adults have but a few hours in which to seek a female and mate before they die. The long tailed mayfly emerges, takes flight, mates with anything resembling the colours of a female and then dies, all in few brief hours. The female lays her eggs on the water’s surface. The eggs drift to the bottom of the river and after about forty-five days they hatch into larvae. The larvae dig burrows, construct interconnected tunnels, and thereby form a social structure. They stay in this for about three years. Then, they break free and surface, where the female moults once and the males twice. After a brief period they spurt into full adulthood, the few hours remaining to them are spent in a frantic flury of mating and death, before the cycle begins all over again.

What does the life-cycle activity of the mayfly have to do with global politics and the current ‘charismatic’ 64 year old Indian Prime Minister?

Before I table my opinion I need to the share the following: erudite, I am informed, do not like my opinions. They claim I flirt as an anonymous cocky capitalist nitpicking history and current events from an atheist’s vantage, narrowing my unencumbered criticism, shrouded in aesthetics obscurity, claiming metaphysical transcendence in my writing.

And my answer to that is ‘and…’ but I point to the fact that the right-wing press of UK and a right-wing radio presenter talk show regularly use words from these essays as banner statements for their utterance. To the point that the right-wing press reads, and then, seeks opinions from well known scientists for a view, which is then printed as newsworthy. Of course I do not get a mention…wow, right-wingers kissing my backside. Err, compliment I do like, but not from the right wing, please. You guys stick to being arrogant-nasty, you know, the way a ‘white’ God made you. And leave ‘brown’ God humane compassion to the likes of yours truly, thankyou. What gives me comfort is that more Race-Europeans share my thoughts on compassion, but their right-wing, a minority, wins the day usually. Many cultures have a saying; an empty vessel makes the loudest noise. However, in human terms that means that the right-wing are the unchecked killers on this planet.


Occasionally, a global leader arises who is destined to be a sitting duck. A leader so seduced by power that his addiction an aphrodisiac. David Bowie was drawn to sexuality. His sexual hunger manifested itself as a magnet drawing ‘partners’ to become a notch on his insatiable bi-sexual hunger and bedpost. Political leaders are also magnets and this is a very apt way to describe the latest charismatic leader of the ‘Free World’. Yes, Free World, since all democratic countries are free, and are therefore members of this unique club, meaning each leader of such countries has the accolade of being a leader of the ‘Free World’.

However, Sri Narendra Modi is a true leader of the Free World. He is the leader of the largest democracy on this planet. Thus, he really is the leader of the Free World. Of course, America has the greater firepower, but the combined populations of North America, Europe, the old USSR, and the Anzac countries is still not enough to counter that of India. So, at that level Modi is indeed the actual leader of the Free World.

However, Modi is also a sitting duck. And sitting ducks are targets.

But who would want to target him?

The beauty of democracy, in today’s age, is its hypocrisy. The ‘Free West’ seduces, beguiles the latest Free World leader, biding its time before it blows him to smithereens.

But why?

Because the Free West wants to, and it can, since no one on this planet has the fire power to stop it.

It is not publicly known, but prior to the first Gulf War, attempts were made to suck India into opposition against America and the ‘Free West’. If we glance back into historical events, the reason becomes obvious. After its intervention in Sri Lankan affairs, India was ego-massaged and it naively accepted the title of ‘regional superpower’ bestowed upon it by the Free West. And as a superpower, the west knew it could blow India apart on the flimsiest of excuses. Thankfully, the Indian Prime Minister at the time was more dignified than delusional, and chose to eat humble pie instead. Mercantile India paid for this stance by giving large concessions to the ‘Free West’ on many commercial deals, but at least the PM saved India from a one-sided war against the ‘Free West’.

During the second Gulf War, and then during the war against terror, India on each occasion was set up as the fall guy. On each occasion her leaders chose to eat humble pie. Dr Manmohan Singh, in conjunction with Sonia Gandhi, lavished unprecedented platitudes on the Free West, and committed commercial hara-kiri agreeing to virtually whatever the latter demanded, lest it bomb her citizens into the last century and the one preceding that.

So, the Free West chose another target. It did so via a well planned attack on its own self, and the rest as they say is history.

The problem with Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that he does not do humble pie. He is the quintessential Indian Hindu, who lives in his mind as a powerful and a formidable mythical god-creature-lion that cannot be defeated, but magnanimously gives way. In his case, Modi also believes because he has a >44 inch chest he is a powerhouse of courage and invincibility. He is so wrapped up in his own delusion of greatness, that he thinks his opinion will win the day in an actual war regardless of his foe.

The Chinese, Europeans, Russians and Americans read the signs long before Prime Minister Narendra Modi began running his campaign. The Chinese began testing Indian’s response and her military preparedness and army manoeuvres in an actual confrontation. The global powers watched how India placed and positioned her troops. Then, Pakistan taking its lead from the Americans created a second front. Once again, the global powers studied how India deployed its armed forces. Upon his election victory, Modi made high-profile state visits to both Japan and America, and then delivered a polished state welcome to China. It was veritable ego boost for the barrel-chested, mythical god Modi. His new friends and the rest of the superpowers, meanwhile, used the occasion to measure his emotional reactions and responses to situations. The ‘Free West’ has studied the man and his shortcomings thoroughly.

After his election, China tested him again, but withdrew giving him the feel good factor that his manliness, no nonsense attitude threatened them into withdrawal. Pakistan, upon instructions from Washington upped the ante. Modi responded by given the Indian armed forces full power to escalate confrontations to full-scale war if needed. Sadly, the one thing generals are not is diplomatic. They have the brawn not the brain. Modi has been well and truly set up. All we now need is an opportunity and the ‘Free West’ is going to smash the Indian army to bits and set her infrastructure back centuries.

Unfortunately for Prime Minister Modi and his ‘advisors’, they really do not understand the race European mindscape. Modi, like Saddam Hussein, believes before an actual war-war there will be time for a pow-wow. He is sadly mistaken.

The neo-Nazi party of the United Kingdom, UKIP, in tandem with all other rightwing European parties is now slowly jockeying to take over their respective governments reins, along with the neo-fascists waiting in the wings in the United States who will be chomping at the bit to have a decisive go at a so-called ‘global nuclear military power’. China is an unknown quantity so will be left alone. Russia is after all European race so it too will escape. This leaves India.

And unfortunately for India, it has chosen the worst possible person to lead it for what is planned ahead.

But did India have a choice?

Yes, of course India had a choice. It is a land of thinkers, seers, sages, and political activists and politicians capable of deep assessment. But when your backside is going to be kicked, then you usually make one silly mistake after another. In India’s case, she is ignoring her wealth of deep thinkers, instead ego-massaging a kid who has been a very bad playboy, a kid who grew up as a spoilt, stubborn, irresponsible bully who allegedly throws his weight around, and who surrounds himself with yes-men of his own age, who collectively think that India can be dragged into the twenty second century (yes 22nd century) simply by yelling, ordering, shouting, and demanding it does so.

In this 44 year old, India has a demented pit-bull. He yells his speeches. His body language, fist-clenching and shake of the head is more in keeping with someone suffering mental emotional anguish, anxiety and stress. A lad so unprepared and emotionally defunct that he couldn’t lead a football team, let alone a global powerhouse; and opposing him in Pakistan we have the 26 year old Bhutto lad, a tame Labrador pretending to be a rottweiler. These two ‘wet behind the ears’ lads who haven’t even mastered the art of kissing a woman, let alone been able to maintain a one-to-one relationship with a woman of their choice, are the best that India and Pakistan as the two nuclear powerhouses have to offer their respective electorates.

Something is very very wrong here.

The tame Labrador spoke recently at a public rally claiming he will not rest until Kashmir is won from India and becomes a part of Pakistan. If I had a say in Indian diplomatic affairs, my advice would be to allow Kashmir to join Pakistan.


The reality is that Pakistan’s elite has always lined its own pockets and allowed the killing of her own people whenever the European empire demanded. Pakistan will do the same with the people of Kashmir. In recompense for giving away Kashmir, I would allow the Indian army to walk into the Panjab that lies in Pakistan and hand that land to Sikhs to administer – in similar fashion to Israel – relocating all Muslims from that state to the new ‘azad’ Kashmir.

Pakistan does not understand that Pakistan itself is India in all but name. If the Pakistanis want a country, then go thieve someone else’s land. The land you call Pakistan is India, and will always be India. Stealing someone’s property does not make it yours. Then on top of that, they are demanding yet more of that other person’s property.

Once a thief always a thief.

If they are so enamoured with Islam, Pakistanis should beg a Muslim country to give them their piece of Islamic land and see exactly what they get in return.

A big fat zero.

That and nothing more.

So take a reality check Pakistan, and accept that you are in fact Indians who have embraced Islam for whatever reason. And remember, more Muslims live peacefully in India than in the entire land of Pakistan…guys, go figure where your future lies.

And as an old-fashioned Sikh I reiterate, we Sikhs are getting irritated with being hammered from all sides. If you keep harping on about Kashmir then we Sikhs will encourage the Indian forces to take back what is India’s historically. That is the whole of Pakistan. If you are going to wage a jihad against India in any case, then India might as well take by force what is hers, and the jihadis can then fight on the land you have stolen from us and which you call Pakistan…or you can live in peace with us as our extended-relative – but not as our neighbour.


Reverting…the sheer stupidity of not understanding real politics by both the pit-bull and the Labrador worries me intensely.

If Benazir Bhutto had remained a passive stateswoman working the global lecture circuit and not listened to her sidekicks, who without her were powerless, she would not have been deluded enough to think that she might be able to blackmail the Free West by threatening to expose the fact that Osama bin Laden had been killed about four years earlier. She threatened to name, with supporting evidence, the Pakistani man who pulled the trigger if the Free West did not support her re-election campaign. When she did that, her assassination became a foregone conclusion. Suddenly, Bhutto was past her sell-by date. The Free West could no longer use her as they once had done. It is for this self-same reason that Imran Khan will never come to power: he knows how the European mind works. He can be neither bought nor beguiled by them, thus he will remain on the political periphery. The west needs someone in Pakistan who will line his own pockets while allowing new military equipment to be field tested in real situations, which means Muslims along the border region will remain cannon-fodder for the time being. Interestingly, Osama’s death was not paraded about, but Saddam and Gaddafi’s were. Ask yourselves why.

Unfortunately, Bhutto’s son is caught up in the glory of being ego-massaged and he lacks depth to recognise that he can serve his country better by becoming apolitical on global affairs. But ego, guys, is ego.

So, now we have an irrational, emotionally overloaded, commonsense deficient man – brought up in an atmosphere where the elite Indian male’s self-worth is measured by how many European women they can try to bed, and who look dismissively at their own country’s folk – trying desperately to lead India. And on the other hand, we have a kid who is at that age where males compare their manhood on regular basis to what they see on porn sites. In the hands of these two immature, wholly unbalanced men, lie the lives of more than one billion and a quarter people.


Talk about being short-sighted. But given the choice between the pit-bull or the chest inflator, is it a wonder that India chose a mixture of faux Superman and Batman, and what they got is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A provincial politician, intellectually limited, never to attain the intellectual excellence of Dr Manmohan Singh, and this man is India’s representative to the world. America could get away with the buffoon Ronald Reagan and the narcissistic Emperor Nero in George W. Bush. India cannot.

My earnest prayer is that this man has enough maturity to eat humble pie and will sign away even more of India’s commercial interest, but not get involved in a ‘manly’ fight over a principle.

The problem with religious fanatics like the current Indian Prime Minister is that fanatics seldom know how to eat the proverbial humble pie. And therein lies India’s problem.

One man’s ego against the welfare of a billion people.

Easy to call, this one.

One ego wins.

One billion suffer.

And like all mayflies, our hero, chest pumped, will die in this attack on India. He will be replaced by another mayfly in another country, whose delusions of grandeur will force his citizens to be cannon-fodder for the killing machine of the Free West.

History teaches us one thing. And that one thing is: man learns nothing from history.

And I am left in a quandary. If the mayfly were to become celibate like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would it live a long adult life, even becoming a sage into the bargain?

No, I don’t think so either.