Upon meeting me, people get confused about my blog-image and my chic dress style. Initial conversation revolves around the question of how I support devoutly spiritual atheism, whilst simultaneously championing a non-believer’s mindscape in defence of the irrational secular confusion about religious freedom. Then, people are confounded by my ability to be indiscriminately superstitious while also a staunch supporter of rites, rituals and practices observed by the ardently faithful; yet they find me strenuously defensive of interpersonal affection, sex, sexual interplay, sensuality and the worthlessness of humankind’s greed mindscape.

To me it all makes sense. However, to my inquisitors it all seems complicated, contradictory, and confusing. They cannot comprehend how I can admire beauty in a woman without the admiration progressing to another level. Feminine sexual allure does not trigger sexual intrigue or desire in those of my background. The panorama of female allure is pleasing, but at the horizon it remains. Males or females from my layer of occupation are not aroused by sexual allure, and secular inquisitors cannot comprehend this. And the phenomenon can’t be explained in words. The layer we operate from is only understood once the secular Being has transited from the lower layers and advanced into our mindscape-layer. However, once again, all of this is meaningless nonsense unless I can make sense of it for the ordinarywallahs.

The secular world is divided into segments of good ‘uns and bad ‘uns (GUBU) to coin a phrase.  GUBU is a reality in every lifestyle, occupation, tradition, belief system, and bonding ethos of the animal world. Take, for example, capitalist theory and idealism: a system operating at the superficial level, based on personal greed, adulation of wealth, and accumulation of material things. The top-dogs are those who have amassed more of everything than they know what to do with. The dogs at the bottom look up to them and ‘pray’, seeking supernatural intervention or a mystical mantra that will allow them to emulate the top-dog. Yet, they both fail to appreciate the reality of the controlling symmetry.

The symmetry in this case is a pyramid. This pyramid is based on inner bio-chemical gates, whose optimal functioning and timing decides how and when and to what degree materialism is accumulated. The gates at the higher end of the pyramid function to ensure greater accumulation, whereas the poor sods underpinning the pyramid have a bio-chemistry where the gates operate haphazardly. The reality is that the top-dogs could never function as the bottom dogs. If the mechanism that holds the essence of this pyramid was reversed then the entire pyramid would cease to function, hemorrhaging via social upheaval and anarchy until another pyramid was established.

The GUBU pyramids are pyramids within an overview-pyramid. This overview-pyramid is sustained by individual psyches. Each individual psyche contains countless strands of individual consciousness. Each consciousness is itself a container of at least one thousand and twenty two individual entities. Each unit entity is ambiguously called the Soul or Antrakarna and, inaccurately sometimes, Atman.

Expanding further, the multiples of individual psyche evolve and develop in the overview-pyramid, starting at the base and moving upwards. The overview-pyramid is itself in a containment field, where multitudes of overview-pyramids exist. Thus, each overview-pyramid is segmented into smaller autonomous pyramids. It is quite reasonable to maintain, for explanation purposes, that the individual psyche enters and creates the lower layers of a given overview-pyramid. Once there it has to amend, change, adapt and recognise the new rules, regime and the ethos of the containment field whereby the two create a new world environment. The combination of the two now becomes the new psyche. Thus, as a one body-movement it can advance further up the mega-pyramid scale. A mega-pyramid contains countless collections of overview-pyramids. The containment field of this environment is the initial ‘creation’ upon or within which the catalyst entity triggers the manual physical presence of creation. Along with the ‘birth’ of the containment field, this junction also witnesses the ‘birth’ of cosmic light and the cosmic sound.   The universe as you look up at the ‘dark sky’ of nighttime is in fact pure light. This light pervades everything, right deep down into the core of everything. It is the pulse of this light that is heard as the cosmic sound. The combination of the two ‘create’ creation as humankind see it.

Trial and error are the best teachers in this situation. The individual psyche has to move as one unit taking each component entity in the direction that best suits the end-game determined by each psyche. And each microscopic component entity has to play its part in the scheme of things. Each entity is ignorant of the bigger picture which is only visible to the psyche itself. But each entity has to do its best to assist, advance and aid the progression of the psyche it is contained within. The only way for that to happen is if each entity goes through its own trial and error, in order to advance and progress the collective benefits of the whole. This awareness only comes with experience and knowledge. A pool of collected knowledge is termed wisdom. Wisdom used for humanitarian purposes is ‘Age’.

Age as someone has said is not a number. They are correct. Age is experience. And when that experience is channeled for the benefit of others rather than the self, that experience is termed knowledge. To be prissy about it, it is not knowledge. It’s just information. A PhD is information-based reality only. It is not knowledge-based reality as anthropologists are only too aware off. Knowledge is several layers higher up the scale. But at times, I too fall victim to generalisation of terms…sorry.

Nevertheless, the gathering of this experience-information takes time.

Now let me make sense of this in a race-European mindscape. For example, your best teachers are your children – from when they are born until you are ready to die. They teach us humbleness. None of us would eat humble pie at the behest of another human-being as readily as we do when we have to back down in confrontations with our own children. At times, even when we know from our own experience-information that the child is making a mistake we accommodate our child’s wish. This humbleness is the social glue that holds social and societal structure intact.

Older and wiser civilisations never allowed young, bright, wet behind the ears, enthusiastic sparks, to head off on their own volition. The youth was always ‘guided’ and advised to err on the side of caution. Impetuousness was anathema and older mature voices reasoned against it.

The misery we see today, however, is of western governments run by wet-behind-the-ears kids who are themselves not in long-term personal relationships and don’t have grown-up children or grandchildren, and yet are foaming at the mouth to tell us how, why, and what to do with our own lives.

This is why the European pyramid is dysfunctional and fast leading the rest of humanity to fragment this planet, or extinguishing her protective atmospheric blanket or far more sinister, whereby all animals will become cyber-borgs.

This type of mismanagement leads to one war after another. It is based entirely on unrefined, uncontrollable and uncontainable sexual aggressive energy where the bio-system function has not yet ‘matured’ into rational reason.

Politicians should only be handed the highest office once they have lived the full gambit of secular life. However, history of the European mindscape indicates that that is not the case.

The European mindscape is a prime example of an individual race-psyche functioning out of sync with the nature of the overview-pyramid. Now do you understand how one race-psyche, in this case the European, with close to a billion individual animal entities termed ‘humans’, is steeped in seeking satisfaction from wholesale blood-letting and destruction of anything that gets in its way?

Race-European has annihilated races in north and south America, Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania to mention a few places. If it wants to be remembered and admired as India is, then it must emulate India when that was the global leader. The majority of land areas of Europe are named after Indian governance of this land mass. Upon her peaceful withdrawal it left behind affection and admiration of her spiritual ethos. Buddhaji was the universal figure of worship in Europe. Physically and consciously none can recall this reality let alone the mastery of this galaxy using technology secreted away in Indian scriptures. This technology allowed our ancestors to travel to the nearest ‘star’ in minutes. Travel into the middle of the galaxy was a normal taken-for-granted reality. But it all changed. The psyche governing that episode changed. A new psyche replaced it. But the new psyche still carries within its own memory banks the previous psyches’ existence and efforts. The template still remains.

Race-European has a choice. I do not want the fragmentation of this planet. Nor do I want an accelerated fry-up by depletion of the planet’s atmospheric blanket. And I certainly do not want to have humans and animals to have electro-mechanical body parts as if we are machines. If race-European does not stop its current headstrong stupidity then our seniors will step in to extinguish race-Europeans totally. And that would be sad and a step backwards. No, race-European has to take responsibility and amend the evil it has practiced, by open-heartedly giving back the lands mentioned above, that are under its illegal and unlawful occupation, to the races who were there before its arrival. This one act of humbleness will stop the relentless rape of the planet’s depleting mineral resources. It is the deep earth excavation of her mineral resources that will fragment this planet into non-existence. Yet if race-European hands governance back to the indigenous dwellers of those occupied lands and then sets up a global body to re-draw the map of Africa reflecting her true identity, then that will stop the exploitation of that land and her people by the Chinese. Race-European can either take a mature global lead or remain blood-thirsty, lacking confidence as a human race in fear that it will lose itself if it matures into a fully fledged member of the human race.

It is amusing when an individual entity terms itself a complete psyche during conversation with me; it does not recognise that it is part of a psyche trying to align itself into the new environment of the new pyramid it has entered. It is like an immigrant trying to settle into a new country learning the new ethos. It takes time. Time is experience, where gathering of information is based on a collective set of experiences. The combination of the two is called Age.

Age, truly, is not a number; however, it is not too far from it either. In human terms Age donates a number per se. Thus, in that context Age is a number. And all government authority should have a cut-off line, an age below which an individual cannot and should not be allowed into position of authority, at any cost.

A bright and brilliant mind lacking personal growth, attained via child rearing, will simply not do – a grandparent is the minimum requirement for an active politician.

Age, in that case, is redefined as experience based on collection  of information.