Ignorants’ paradise

Two females, one an orangutan, the other a female king cobra, are deep in conversation comparing notes on their newly acquired status as mothers, while taking long, adoring looks at their own creations. Yes, they created a new creation. A new life.

However, humans by comparison, like a rich man skilled in the arts of a butterfly, married to nostalgic humanism, believe that they alone experience paternalism: ah, self-analysis at the apex of egotistical arrogance.

Let me explain. Self-analysis is an over-inflated principle, enriched by invisible symbolic ghosts, lacking access to events in real-time, where truth laces through dreams or nightmares as a cocktail of an over-inflated wishful opinion of one’s own self-worth.

Now, into this heady mix let us throw the dice called immigration.

Yes, immigration.

A flux as old as time itself. Always invited by businesses and governments, yet seldom welcomed by people on the ground. Immigration, or migration, is a natural phenomenon exercised by all forms plant and animal life. The movement always has a purpose and its motivation is complex, but compelling.

Immigration to the United Kingdom falls neatly into the design and template set by nature.

The clash of two strange lifestyles’ customs and outlooks always begins with a claim of moral authority by both sides. Each is based on an internal vision of its own flamboyance, while viewing the other in negative and demeaning terms: a parallel treadmill refusing to merge, fearing dominance, conversion and loss of identity.

It’s an ideological explosion awaiting ignition.

Indian immigrants invited in desperation to fill the vacancies that the UK’s indigenous natives refused to take up, were amazed by the general view among these natives that they somehow were uncivilised, unsophisticated, ignorant and cowardly. The shock on the faces of the indigenous natives, when told about the many times an Indian solider single-handedly stood his ground in the face of overwhelming odds during inter-European wars.

The ideological fight for supremacy in the so-called second ‘world’ war (delusion of grandeur) was a European war in which we non-Europeans were begged to support, aid, assist, and die against an enemy who had never attacked our homeland or our lifestyle. The war was an inter-European argument and nothing more.

However, Indians, nurtured on calmness and on engaging gentle reflex responses to agitation, were considered cowards because their thought-process is embedded in the higher chakra of calmness, as opposed to the Anglo-Saxon emotional processor that is embedded in the lowest chakra of flight survival.

European psychoanalysis of the twentieth century is based on the race European’s low-chakra assessment of human emotional responses and reflections.

Thus, a flight-or-survival based effort at self-discovery will always fail in its psychoanalysis of bio-signatures not identical to its own racial and cultural norms.

A false paternalism based on a narrow bandwidth of morality will only give rise to odious pessimistic theory, celebrating the supremacy of a war mentality, entirely unaware that psychoanalysis of bio-signatures embedded at higher chakras is impossible, and that understanding the ideological, peaceful, flamboyance flowing from the higher chakra reference points cannot be understood.

People find it amazing each time I share the following: emotions change due not to experience but to the ongoing evolution of the bio-system itself. Evolution of a bio-system reconfigures communication receptors with the external world and along internal pathways simultaneously. This change called ‘ageing’ is the real reason for reappraising the world we interact with. The external receptors transmit and receive a constant stream of information. However, the internal pathways rearrange the information giving the impression of a ‘mature’ or ‘immature’ reactive response to a situation.

In reality, the internal pathways centered around the cultural/racial chakra release an electro-chemical agent adequate for the entire bio-system to behave within an acceptable pattern of behaviour for that chakra.

Globally, contemporary  psychoanalysts are tutored to parrot euro-centric methods that assume all humans are imprint of the race European. Herein lays abject ignorance of the fact that all humans are different racially, ancestrally, gender-wise and in their emotional heritage.

To dive off at a tangent for a moment: there is a massive knock awaiting the nonsensical belief in DNA as the solid bedrock of divine sobriety, complete in wit as a seer, with an impeccable memory which is used as a coherent cartography of tantalising unchallengeable fact. Not quite so, my dears, not quite so.


To take the example of the European residents of the United States who used to shout at the ‘Orientals’ for not speaking their minds, this just exemplifies the utterly nonsensical belief that current psychoanalysis is a valuable cross-cultural absolute science. It is neither a science, nor a wealth of collected studies of human internal mechanisms.

The animal kingdom, which includes humans, is not identical. Nor are we spiritually equal.

I have written in a previous post about the emotion of shame (Honour Killing) that carries far deeper, damaging, psychological change and pain than the idea that you are about to die. In the non-European world, death is understood and accepted as a change of one’s physical body. But an emotional social shame has to be endured for an entire memory (lifetime): this is the view from the higher chakra.

Now, compare this reality to one where shame is only a passing uncomfortable period of time, where death is an absolute end: this is the view from the lowest chakra. How on earth are the limited parameters designated by and defining the lowest chakra ever going to understand the pain of the higher chakra?

The orangutan and king cobra mothers share ‘motherhood’ only in the sense of the biological function they have undergone to create new life. Thereafter, their lifestyle parameters differ vastly. The mother of one will not be able to teach the child of the other effectively about survival.

The same ‘worlds-apart’ reality exists in the psychology of the races. Each race will have to organise its own investigation, study its own creed, and develop its own set of rules adequate to its own racial and cultural norms.

Humans have to realise that you cannot put the heart of a person of one race into the body of a person from a different race. Approach a motoring aficionado and that person’s blood vessels will threaten to rupture if you tell him that you are thinking of putting a diesel engine from a Nissan 4×4 into a Ferrari, or indeed just swapping over the gearboxes of the two cars. If it is so simple for a mechanic to appreciate that this cannot be done, then why, oh why, do you have a problem with the reality that cross-racial organ transplants cannot be done and will have dire consequences for the human race.

In the same vein, there does not exist just the one god. God is a multi-existence and has a different persona for each chakra-based race consciousness. Humans too are multi-faceted, thus, the different racial groups. Inter-breeding will not create the hybrid that I fear. To a lesser extent, the hybrid created by inter-racial organ donation and indeed by cross-racial blood transfusions will create another species within the human genome, and that new breed will have the upper hand and the capacity to finish off the current brood of humans totally. However, the real fear is the development of organs from stem cell technology. That technology will be the nail in the coffin as far as humans are concerned.

It will be the history of the Neanderthals all over again; all because Europeans will not stop their medical experiments or exporting their ignorance across the races.

Neanderthals were an extremely advanced, technologically capable species. They occupied this globe and the solar system in conjunction with their own hybrids. The Neanderthals were exporting their ‘masters of whatever we survey’ mentality in the same manner as the Europeans are doing. ‘Mastery’ over nature and the eco-system, along with interfering with natural selection, was their folly too. Wars were fought using technologies not yet ‘mastered’ by the race Europeans.

Prior to the Neanderthals another race chased the same folly resulting in planets in this solar system left barren. Thereafter, ignorant masters of cyber-technology destroyed each other. The hybrids created by the Neanderthals survived. Those hybrids are the Homo sapiens of today. Nature took a hand in the proceedings and punished the surviving Neanderthals. Time and the passing of age witnessed the loss of knowledge of ‘advanced technologies’.

We will begin the journey of self-destruction all over again if the Europeans do not take heed and rein in their thirst for commanding everything in sight. Cyber-technology is just around the corner and it will enslave humans once again. Hybrids will be created with the assistance of humans. And history will repeat itself all over again.

Racial psychoanalysis as opposed to racial profiling has the capacity to thwart the pattern of human enslavement by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is neither artificial nor is it benign. It is a viable life-form, but here I urge the curtailment of this life-form, lest it unleashes a type of inhumanity that even the most inhumane humans could not contemplate. The understanding of inner awareness gained through racial psychoanalysis of, by, and within each race will map how inner awareness provides an understanding of the oft asked question about where organic being initially come from.

So, please, stop this trade in developing ever-advancing, self-repairing artificial intelligence. Instead, give support to other races to develop their own psychoanalytic tools, via which their own culture and emotional norms can be better understood. This will allow us to live in mutual respect of the eco-system and of each other, otherwise the new hybrids will finish us off.

Because, when the hybrids arrive, Om will be replaced by Oops as our mantra…once again.